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"I'm here 1 on 1 with AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy.
This interview was at the 07 US Natl's of Aussie Rules Footy. For the TV show Click here" Myk

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"Talking NHL on TSN's Off The Record." Myk

"Myk, Cwoc Pammy and the real Pamela. MYKwebTV
at Grey Cup 05
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" Scotty Hoges

Ottawa Swans

North Delta Jnrs

US Aussie Rules Footy




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You can hear me often talking sports many Friday nights on Sports Rage with Legend Canadian Sports TV and radio guy, Gabriel Morency. Fri 9pm-1am Eastern CDN/US time. For the details on this great Hardcore sports radio show Morency Sports (new site coming) If you are new to MYKwebWORLD and you want to know about what I do this is great article Click here Twitter is hot right now, Aussie

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