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"Mates Myk's Cwoc's Cool Women Of Canada and my Cwoc Hunting section! The Cwoc's on my Cwoc Hunting list are Cwoc's that I have only met briefly or not met at all but I would like to. Enjoy!  


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Wed, Mar 30 05 "Edmonton Cwoc's on ABC's The Bachelor!"

Mates Kim Choma is one of the two beautiful Edmonton Cwoc's on the new series of The Bachelor that started Monday night on ABC. Check out her nice but not great website. Great pictures but her webTV, streaming video is terrible, non existent. I emailed the lovely Cwoc today telling her I would get her a free copy of Clipstream Video so everyone can watch her great looks and personality Click here

I believe Kim and Jenny Adams also from Eskimoland will go along way in this funny TV show. For more on my comments on this funny TV show, Invest In Inet MYKwebTV  Myk's Mates Club Click here " Myk Aussie

Wed, Dec 24 " Merry Merry Christmas to all Cwoc fans!" Myk Aussie

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  BC Cwoc Sarah


"Wow! Cwoc Sarah can be seen in the Myk & Pammy MYKwebTV. Sarah used to work at Hooters in Surrey BC but now I can't find her! If you know Sarah please let me know Ph: 403 870-5578 or email me at as Sarah is currently in my final edit of the movie "Football Fan Frenzy now on DVD.

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Testimonial "Myk Aussie your movie is as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you!" Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto

Mates call or email me for details on how to be involved in the next the 10th DVD edit of this movie or 1 604 609-7736 ext 240" Myk

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Extra Disclaimer: "The above photo has been signed by Cwoc Sarah & was given to Myk." Andrew Harrison, MYKwebWORLD , Manager


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