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"You can also hear me often talking NFL many Friday nights on Gabriel Morency's Sports Rage now on Sirius Satellite radio, Channel 98. Fri 8-11pm Pacific CDN/US time. For the details on this great Hardcore sports radio show Click here" Myk Aussie

For the full "Myk in the Media" section describing the Media work that I have done from 1997 to present. Click here" Myk

The Business In Calgary Magazine article.  Hopefully you can Click on "Print" and print
this three page amazing article out to read on the couch, in the park, on the beach at work or wherever you enjoy
reading. It is incredible writing by Michael O'Toole the Englishman in Western Canada. Thank you Michael and
The Business In Calgary organization. This magazine is a excellent publication read by in excess of
100,000 business people each month in and around Calgary, Alberta Canada." Myk Aussie

"Anyone out there wanna help me! I need help in several areas. Email me or Ph:
0 11 1 403 870-5578 me Canuck number.

To the minority of  critical "pricks with ears" out there and the "tall poppy syndrome knockers" please let me
explain 2 points in the above excellently written article.

1) As printed "...Myk Aussie obtained a coveted media pass from one of his mates back in Australia." In Oct
1999 I returned to Australia briefly and met up with Mr Garth Wright owner of APRS a media company in Australia.
I had previously worked with Garth during the SA Open Golf Championship. Garth and myself were 2 of only 10
media people invited to the post tournament media session with Greg Norman the winner of the event. This was
some of my 1st media work. 

Businessman in Media and IT from Australia and the USA have invested in MYKwebWORLD. I and they realized
the amazing potential of Digital Media, streaming video technology six years ago. Also Mr Garth Wright faxed the
CFL, a media pass was granted to me by the CFL for the 99 Grey Cup in Vancouver and from that point on I
started covering CFL Football along with initially snow skiing and snowboarding in Western Canada. As Don Lane
was now not producing his NFL Football show on Australian TV I took up the challenge and thus became the only
Australian reporting on the NFL. I believe I have been the only Australian ever to cover and promote the CFL.
Australian people now get coverage of the CFL via MYKwebWORLD.
Many top NFL officials realize that I am the
only Australian regularly reporting on the NFL.

2) Andrew Harrison is my middle name. For business reasons I use Andrew Harrison when in sales and marketing
mode. Myk Aussie is my Sports, media, comedic character.
" Myk Aussie

"CDN and USA MYKwebTV shows! After producing many CDN and USA Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV shows in 2005, 2006 and 2007 I aim to be concentrating even more on Aussie Rules Footy in CDN and the US in the future! Can you help me in promoting this great game to the world via MYKwebTV! Advertise on past or upcoming Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV, in a TV style commercial. Call me 011 1 403 870-5578 or email me" Myk Aussie

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