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Myk's Aussie Footy

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Calgary Kangaroo's

Calgary Bears


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CDN Aussie Footy - 06 Stampede Cup ITip: If MYKwebTV doesn't work Click here

Play Extra Hi Sp 23 min's Sept 29 06 "06 Stampede Cup! The BC Footy Cougars and Eagles guys came to Calgary to take on the Calgary Kangaroo's and the newly formed Calgary Bears. Includes pregame pitch report. Interviews with Kristen Judge Roo's 05 B&F winner, Chris CDN from the Burnaby Eagles and Boris the new Roo's Ruckman. Roo's vs Bears highlights. Bears vs BC Cougars/Eagles highlights. Roo's coach Troy Rose's pregame and 1/2 time speech. Roo's vs BC Cougars/Eagles highlights. Guy's interview with some Cwoc ladies. The victorious Roo's singing and celebrating. Mr BC Footy Stewy Grills handing over the BC Footy Cup back to the Roo's coach Troy Rose. Roo's President Gareth Williams drinking out of the Cup. Interviews with Stewy Grills the Cougars coach and Chris Freeman the Burnaby Eagles coach. Interview with Roo's Matt Henke the Best CDN player on the day. Thanks to Boris and Guy in helping film for MYKwebTV. Enjoy!
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2 previous Stampede Cup MYKwebTV shows from 03!
Hi Sp  7 mins "The Stampede Cup 03, Calgary Kangaroos vs Vancouver Cougars, 1st quarter highlights".  If above doesn't work, these versions play within the Media Player Screen and in Full Screen. Play " Myk

Play Hi Sp 3 mins "Myk 1 on 1 with BOG Chris and the Calgary Roo's with the Stampede Cup, 03. If above doesn't work, these versions play within the Media Player Screen and in Full Screen Play" Myk

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Myk's Aussie Footy webWORLD

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The Vancouver Cougars!

The Vancouver Cougars

The Burnaby Eagles

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