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"Myk here 1 on 1 with AFL Legend Kevin Sheedy. This interview was at the 07 US Natl's of Aussie Rues Footy. For 3/4 screen Click here" Scotty CDN Hoges

"Myk here 1 on 1 with NFL and CFL Legend Warren Moon. This interview was at the 04 Super Bowl in Houston Media Day. For 3/4 screen Click here" Scotty CDN Hoges

"Myk talking Golf
on TSN's Off The Record. For this TV show and more Golf TV Click here" Scotty CDN Hoges



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High Speed Play Modem 4 mins Re highlighted May 06 "As I head to Kelowna next week for the Aussie Rules Footy, check out the great drive  in me Probe racing through the magnificent Canadian Rocky mountains! I was the crazy Aussie as I left the Massive Dump of White Stuff in Calgary and headed to Kelowna to web Sports Cast the "Ski 2 Sea". 15 cars and a bus in the ditch & a rolled over semi. Enjoy this great drive on MYKwebTV! If above doesn't work, this version play within the Media Player Screen and in Full Screen.  Play Hi Sp PlayModem " Myk

"For the magnificent Ski to Sea Event MYKwebTV 
Click here" Myk

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Myk's Car Racing webWORLD  

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Myk's Car Racing webWORLD

Larger screenNFL TV "I'm 1 on 1 with NFL and CFL Legend Warren Moon at Super Bowl. Aussie Mat McBriar is now a star Dallas Cowboy. For lots of Super Bowl TV" Myk