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  NewMykSept 27, 2017.
Larger screen- I'm talking 2017 AFL Grand Final, NFL Broncos!" Myk

Larger screen - TSN OTR

"At 2min 10 sec mark! Wow! The Cops thought my 92 Lions shorts were my underwaear and I nearly got kicked out of the CFL Grey Cup! Too funn
y! For larger screen Click here" Myk

NewMykAbove. New 2 min trailer from "Football Fan Frenzy" a comedy movie/doc! Some Aussie Footy content! Watch the movie online! Details & reviews" Myk 

"Myk and Cwoc Pammy CFL TV Click here" Scotty Hoges


"Ian Dettman next to Ralphy Sewer. My mate Detto was a Lion in 92 and 93 then a A Grade coach of the Lions" Myk










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It's just before & after the MYKwebTV show description. MYKwebTV starts within 3-5 sec's. Enjoy!" Myk

BL&GFA Aussie Rules Footy MYKwebTV.  ITip: If MYKwebTV doesn't work Click here

Play High Speed Play Modem 2 mins Rehighlights Oct 16, 2017 as its the 25 Year Anniversary function this sunday. South Gawler Lions Premiership win against the Freeling Redlegs in the very strong BL&GFA from the magnificent Nuriootpa Oval. I am #10 Blue & White. MYKwebTV hosts Big Bad Bobby Bilney & Mousey Vaughan. Note. If this is your 1st MYKwebTV viewing, significant picture quality is lost as this was 1 of the 1st ever MYKwebTV shows in 2000. If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen. Play High Speed Play Modem

"SANFL MYKwebTV. Check it out Click here "Myk

"I often my my 1992 Premiership jumper in the MYKwebTV shows from 1999. Type in "Myk Aussie South Gawler Lions" on
YouTube/MykAussie to watch many of these comedy based shows from the CFL Canadian Football League. "Myk

From May 9, 2003 "Business In Calgary Magazine article."
Wow! This is the best article that has ever been written about my success in the NFL, CFL and AFL! Michael O'Toole the Englishman is a brilliant writer. I even laughed many a time reading this 3 page article that went to 31,000 businesses in Alberta Click here" Myk

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"Bill Romanowski's book is amazing reading! A great motivational nook for anyone in Sport. Contact me and I'll see if I can get you a copy " Myk

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Hi Guys & Cool Women, welcome to MYKwebWORLD. If you like Footy, Sports, Comedy, Cwoc's, Cwoa's & Aussie Birds I'm sure you will enjoy MYKwebWORLD. Talk to you in me Mates Club" Myk Aussie "Welcome to BL&GFA Aussie Rules Footy TV. This is from my home in Sth Australia. It is a very strong Country league" Myk

NewMyk"Aussie Footy webWORLD. Includes I'm' talking AFL picks, best bets and more Aussie Footy including South Gawler Lions when I can on Fantasy Sports Network USA/CDN TV in 2016 and 2017 AFL seasons!" Myk

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"My main Aussie Footy Club in Australia
Click here" Myk

"At NFL Pro Bowl! For larger screen
Click here For full screen Click here" Myk

Morgan Fox the Playboy Model wears my 1992 Lions Premiership jumper! For larger screen Click here " Myk