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Play Extra High Sp Play Hi Sp 3 mins April 3, 04 NFL Europe MYKwebTV Pt 1  - "1 on 1 with Jake Delhomme Panthers QB at Super Bowl 38 Media Day. I ask Jake about his time at the NFL Europe. Jake played with the Frankfurt Galaxy & the Amsterdam Admirals.  If above doesn't work, this version plays within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen. Play Ext Hi Sp Play  Hi Sp" Myk

 Play Extra High Sp Play Hi Sp April 3, 04 NFL Europe MYKwebTV Pt 2 3 mins - "1 on 1 with NFL Aussie Star Darren Bennett. I ran into Darren outside Paris Hilton's new place at the recent Super Bowl. This is my 3rd interview with Darren in 3 years. Darren alsl played in NFL Europe with the Amsterdam Admirals in 1995" Myk 
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