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must enable Java to see this video "Warren Moon at Super Bowl!  For fuller screen version
Click here" Myk

"I'm here with Cwoc Pammy. Check out CFL Grey Cup 05 TV as I recently caught the real Cwocodile Pamela Anderson. Click here" Myk

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Play Extra High Sp Play  Hi Sp 12 min's. 2 TV shows Re highlighted Mar 24 07 as Ed Hervey retires! "CFL Grey Cup 05 Thurs". Includes the opening ceremony as Cwoc Pammy meets the Grey Cup, some great fans and I interview the Box J Boy's. Also from Thurs night at the Spirit Of Edmonton as I'm 1 on 1 with Esk's Ed Hervey and more legend CFL fans. If above doesn't work, these version play within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen. Play Extra High Sp Play  Hi Sp" Myk

"Lots of Eskimo's Grey cup 05 TV Click here Mates Club best 7 min's from the Grey Cup 05 week now available on Mates Club! Could be my best show ever! Click here" Myk

Play Extra Hi Sp Play Hi Sp Play Modem 3 min's Re highlighted Mar 24 07 as Ed Hervey retires! "I'm 1 on 1 with star Eskimo Ed Hervey the night of the 2003 Grey Cup win. If above doesn't work, these version play within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen. Play Extra Hi Sp Play Hi Sp Play Modem" Myk

5 mins "Me and Cwoc Fanny Anny at CFL Grey Cup 2003 Pt1. Click here " Myk Aussie

Play Extra Hi Sp Play Hi Sp Re highlighted Aug 5. 06 as Warren today was inducted into the NFL HOF! Super Bowl XXVIII MYKwebTV Pt1  2 min's - "Me interviewing & being interviewed by NFL & CFL legend Warren Moon for ABC Sports Houston & MYKwebTV/Total-CFLwebTV. From Super Bowl XXXVIII media day, Jan 04. If above doesn't work, these version play within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen. Play Extra HiSp Play HiSp" Myk

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Play Hi Sp Play DialupTVHi 05 Mike Pringle retires! From 03 re released in recognition of the great career by Mike "Piston legs" Pringle 7 mins - "Grey Cup Preview with Myk, Moose, The Lion King & star Mike Pringle" From CFL Rd 15 as the Eskimos defeated the BC Lions. Includes Myk 1 on 1 with Mike Pringle in the locker rooms straight after the big win, Moose 1 on 1 with The Lion King, Myk & Mooses CFL Rd 16 & upcoming Grey Cup footy HARDBall talk.If above doesn't work, these version play within the Media Player Screen in Full Screen.  Play Hi Sp Play Modem" Myk  

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New June 20  Grey Cups Total-CFL MYKwebTV 1
5 mins - Part 1 "Myk
and Total-CFL mates at the CFL Grey Cup 2002 Street Parade" from Edmonton  Click here

I have lots of great Eskimo 1 on 1 interviews from the 2002 CFL season. I rate Commonwealth Stadium & my trips to Edmonton as some of the best Total-CFLwebTV footy trips ever. Fanny Anny is always with me, she's a great Cwoc. To Join Total-CFL webTV Option 1
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"Myk Aussie is available to web Sports cast your upcoming Sports event in Canada, US or Australia! April 27 Myk was at Big White web Sports Casting the Ski 2 Sea event. For more details  
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Total-CFL webTV Pt 5
Oh no I can't show this great 5 min MYKwebTV show of legend Stamps QB Jeff Garcia


"I was going to include this unreal 5 min MYKwebTV from Pro Bowl 2002 that includes Jeff Garcia but seeing it's Total-CFLwebTV decided against it. Here's a great pic Cwoa Merideth my camera Cwoa took of Jeff right on the sidelines. Jeff is giving Merideth the Hawaii Aloha hand sign. Join me "Myk's Mates Club" for great NFLwebTV. Option 2 only a buck a week. Just for Stamps fans I'll replay this unreal 5 min show for anyone that joins in the next 2 weeks, Option 2 Click here" Myk Aussie

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