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July 1, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL & CFL Fantasy on Morency's Game Time Decisions TV show." Myk Aussie 

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Aug 19, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL on the Morency Unfiltered TV show. At 9 min mark." Myk Aussie

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July 8, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL and CFL Fantasy on the Morency Unfiltered TV show. At 9 min mark." Myk Aussie

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June 25, 2016. "Was fun talking CFL Rd 1, CFL Fantasy on Morency Unfiltered. CFL talk starts at 10min 30sec mark." Myk Aussie 

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Dec, 09 "Above, Pt 1 of 3. 09 CFL Grey Cup TV show or Click here" Myk

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"1 on 1 with NFL and CFL Legend Warren Moon at Super Bowl.
For full screen and more Super Bowl TV shows
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" Myk

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"I'm 1 on 1 with Hoof a Legend TotalCFLer" Myk























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Nov 17, 18 Refer to my twitter for updates on the USA/CDN TV shows that I go on talking CFL, Periscope Live shows, TotalCFL TV from CFL games etc Click here
Dec 2, 17
I'm talking CFL on some of these USA/CDN TV shows Click here
Hov 28, 12
7 part show from the great 100th Grey Cup in Toronto
Click here

Oct 1, 12
TheGreyCup is alive
Click here

Aug 20, 12
Promoting Grey Cup video
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Jan 21, 12
Talking CFL on Sports Rage
Click here

Dec 14, 11
Talking CFL,recent TV/radio
Click here

Sept 9, 11
Talking CFL on GTD TV show
Click here
Aug 12, 11
Talking CFL on Sports Rage Click here
"For more of my Sports Rage calls where I often talk CFL type in "myk morency" on" Myk
Jan 8, 11 Talking Grey Cups Click here
Dec 6, 10 2010 Grey Cup TV/radio Click here
Jan 14, 10 Pt1 09 Snow Bowl Highlights Click here
Jan 19, 10 Pt2 09 Snow Bowl Highlights Click here
Dec 19, 09 Pt 1-3, 09 Snow Bowl TV Click here
Dec 8, 09 Pt 1, 2 09 CFL Grey Cup TV Click here
Nov 11, 09 09 CFL Grey Cup Previews Click here
July 1, 09 CFL & BC Lions 09 tribute Click here
June 1, 09 All-Stars Pt 2 Click here
May 27, 09 2 CFL All-Stars  Click here
Dec 1, 08 08 Grey Cup TV 3 Parts  Click here
Nov 19, 08 Grey Cup preview TV Click here
Oct 18, 08 Dave Dickenson TV Click here
June 30, 08 Rd1 Lions vs Stamps Click here
June 2, 08 Stamps Scott Ackles Click here
June 2, 08 Hoof TotalCFL Legend Click here
May 24, 08 Jesse Lumsden TotalCFLTV

22,08 Burris AllStar game
Dec 8, 07
07 Grey Cup TV shows TotalCFLTV
Nov 16, 07 07 Grey Cup preview TotalCFLTV
 Nov 10, 07 Alouettes/StampsTotalCFLwebTV 
 Massive Amounts of Grey Cup's TotalCFLwebTV
Many Grey Cup Mates Club versions TotalCFLwebTV

Nov 15, 07 Milt the star! Bombers TotalCFLwebTV
   Sept 8, 07 Casey Printers is back TotalCFLwebTV
April 22,07 Eskimos TotalCFLwebTV

April 22,07 2001 Grey Cup is Wow! TotalCFLwebTV
Feb 3, 07 Duncan O'Mahony TotalCFLwebTV
May 28, 06
Argo's, Ricky Williams TotalCFLwebTV
April 14, 06 Renegades
Sept 05 Lions tailgate TotalCFLwebTV
 BC Lions  TotalCFLwebTV
05 More BC Lions  TotalCFLwebTV
                       Roughriders TotalCFLwebTV
                           Tiger Cat's TotalCFLwebTV
Future CFLers TotalCFLwebTV
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The CFL Missing Years! Click here

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Disclaimer: "I believe all of the above Total-CFLwebTV is suitable for all ages. Myk Aussie the "Aussie, Football, media, comedy guy" is fully recognized by the NFL as the Australian NFL guy. The NFL categories Myk Aussie as a NFL web Sports Caster. Myk has been granted sideline and locker room media passes at many NFL games and 3 NFL Pro Bowl's. Myk Aussie has been the only Australian regularly covering the NFL in the past 10+ years." Andrew Harrison,, Manager

Mike and Mark at NFL Media and told Myk Aussie in Jan 2002 that he can show any NFL player or cheerleader interviews on MYKwebTV,  just don't show game action.

Very high up officials at the CFL from 1999 to 2004 were aware that MYKwebTV shows some CFL game action.

Myk Aussie wears either a NFL or CFL accredited media pass at all times when web Sports Casting. Please direct any questions to me. I hope that you enjoyed Total-CFLwebTV. I know I did." Andrew Harrison, and MYKwebWORLD Manager Ph: 1 780 993 7419

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Oh no I can't show this great 5 min MYKwebTV show of legend Stamps QB Jeff Garcia


"I was going to include this unreal 5 min MYKwebTV from Pro Bowl 2002 that includes Jeff Garcia but seeing it's Total-CFLwebTV decided against it. Here's a great pic Cwoa Merideth my camera Cwoa took of Jeff right on the sidelines. Jeff is giving Merideth the Hawaii Aloha hand sign. Join me in the now 100% Free Mates for great NFLwebTV. Click here" Myk Aussie

Email me if you have any questions at all. or @MykAussie

"Mates be involved in the final edit to DVD of "Football Fan Frenzy 1" the Movie!" Myk Aussie

Testimonial "Myk your movies as good as you told me it was! Very, very funny, you are a clown. Anyway what are you? Comedian, media guy, movie maker, you do it all. It was a pleasure meeting you! " Michael Landsberg, TSN Toronto

Testimonial "I absolutely loved your videos! They were so entertaining! I haven't been so entertained since I played deal or no deal - brilliant!" Joe

"Mates call or email me for details on how to be involved in the DVD edits of this movie or @MykAussie" Myk Aussie

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Snow Bowl webWORLD

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"From 08. I'm 1 on 1 with CFL Legend Dave Dickenson" Myk


"I'm "1 on 1 in 08 with CFL Stampeder Legend Sugarfoot Anderson." Myk

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"09 TotalCFL TV from the All-Star Kicking and Punting Camp." Myk

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Legend TotalCFLers Eskinator and Great White North in Pt 2 of 07 Grey Cup TotalCFL TV.

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