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Sat, Sept 25 04 "Barry Bond's hits 700 home runs! MLB finals approaching! Montreal Expos maybe relocating to Washington! Wow I need help with this section! That's all I got to say" Myk Aussie

Wed, July 14 04 "Oh no my best non mate Roger Clemens has a shocker in the All- Star game! Thus it's a good time to post Moose's Top Contender Cities for the Montreal Expos"

Wow I was really not sad to hear Roger Clemens had a shocker in the All-Star game. Until Roger the Dodger goes on SportsRage the best radio show in the World I'll continue to bag him! For those that don't know Roger was definitely a Dodger during the Super Bowl week after he wouldn't even go on Montreal radio. The Team is the major promoter of the Expos in Montreal and the World. Soft Roger, just like your effort tonight or maybe it's the Aussie coming out in me and thinking he would be glad to come on the show seeing he was already there. 

Yes I am bagging a true legend "On the Field" of the game but I thought it was a very very soft effort that Roger could not talk to Gabriel Morency even for 1 minute. We were broadcasting Live when Roger was a guest at the Sports Bar in Houston during Super Bowl week. Roger could have been a absolute legend amongst the SportsRagers if he simply took 1 minute to talk to the massive radio and internet radio audience in times when the Expo fans were disillusioned with MLB. Maybe me and Shawn Starr from The Team needed a few $1,000 in our pockets to get him on when we both separately approached him cause I did here it's all about $$$ for many of these Stars! If you think I'm full of it well maybe everyone else in the crowd that night thinks the same as Roger talked for 30 seconds on stage and was then out of there. Wow! 3 minutes in the place with his big big body guards. So on that note lets see where Moose thinks the Expos will be relocated to as early as next year. Disclaimer. I am a guest on SportsRage, The Team with Gabriel Morency every Friday night but am not affiliated in any other way with The Team.

MLB Report By: Moose Salzer

Top Contender Cities for the Expos:

1) Norfolk, Virginia. Why?: Stadium would be funded with Stadium Revenues. Rent would be paid by the team. Recent tax increases on >meals and hotel stays would contribute. Plus, no Sports competition at Pro level. Chances: 50-50. 

2) Northern Virginia / Washington, District of Criminals. Why?: The Stadium would be built in one of the nations fastest growing areas. Lots of resources to use for team. Chances: 45-55. 

3) Las Vegas, Nev. Why?: Corporate base biggest in the U.S. More than 30 million travelers go thought Vegas every year. Only other Pro team; the Las Vegas Gladiators of the Arena Football League. Chances: 40-60. 

4) Portland, Ore. Why?: A large market with more than two million residents but it has yet to put together a Stadium Committee or >plan for building. Chances: 35-65. 

5) Monterrey, Mex. Why?: Only one Pro team - Tex.-Mex., Laredo Law of the Arena2 League ('Pro AAA'). Affluent area for Mexico, good baseball >base for players. Many Pros from area. But no Stadium provisions in place and confusion of part of the city officials. Chances: 30-70." Moose

Wed, July 7 04 ""MLB Update: Florida Pro teams dominating the 21st Century - so far" Moose Salzer

Tom Valentine is an excellent talk radio show host of the popular Radio Free America. It has been on longer than Rush Limbaugh and Tom, who I call once a week lives in Naples, Florida. Tom and I were talking the other day, and knowing that he used to be Sports Editor for the both the Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune once, we got into a conversation about Championship teams. My dad and uncle, both passed on at this point were both born in Chicago in the 1920's. Tom in California in 1935. The conversation got to discussing the fact that Florida teams have now won 5 Pro Championships since 2000. They are the Arena Bowl XIV Champ Orlando Predators, the Jan. '03 Super Bowl XXXVII Champ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the June '03 ArenaBowl XVII Champ Tampa Bay Storm, the Oct. '03 MLB Series Champ Florida Marlins and now the Jun. '04 Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. While the Marlins have hit a slump lately the Tampa Bay D' Rays have been buring up the track winning 17 of their last 21 games. It figures with such outstanding Coaching / Managing talent as Lou (pinstripes) Pinella and Don (plates) Zimmer in the dugout. I read a good portion of Zim's new book at Barnes & Noble the other day.

It has a cover of Don wearing a Tampa Bay 'Rays hat. Check it out. But I like Barnes & Noble since they let you read a lot in their stores. I checked out 11 NCAA college footy magazines there the other day. In other baseball related news, I saw a special on Tim McGraw, the country singer who's married to Faith Hill, the other night. He REALLY is the son of the recently late Tug McGraw, the former major League pitcher who most remember from the World Series Philly teams of the late 70's and early 80's. But they mentioned liar Pete Rose but didn't even mention Mike Schmidt. Can you baseball fans imagine? Shame on CMT! It was a pretty good show and I do channel surf over to CMT on occasion, Cheap Trick proclivities to the contrary." Moose

Sat, July 3 04 "MLB Update: The Unique Montreal Baseball Experience - Aussie Blackley wins debut! Matt Oldkin

Or; What we will regret when the team moves to Northern Virginia or Las Vegas - I will miss the Expos, who probably are on last legs here in 'La Belle Provonce'. I'm sure MLB's solution for this franchise; i.e. to save it will be just. Maybe there isn't enough local money or T.V. to properly cover the 'X-Pos, but I will miss the experience of seeing them at Stade Olympic nonetheless. Stade Olympic is also the home of many CFL Grey Cups. It is truly a unique experience to see baseball played here. The expos management has bad-mouthed the venue many times. The press also. A 552 foot tower hangs over the stadium at an angle like the hovering sword of Democules. It hangs from 26 cables attached to the roof. This nobel structure was built for the 1976 Olympics. It has it's share of problems. The elevator to the observation tower works not nearly as well as the one down in Toronto at the CN tower behind the SkyDome. And the retractable roof does not close properly. In 2002 during the Eastern Conference Finals when the CFL Alouettes played the Toronto Argos, a Canada goose was flying back and forth under the roof unable to get back outside. His honking was heard throughout much of the game. Among my fondest memories of watching the Expos here is taking my wife on our honeymoon to a game here. Yes, we're still married! She is not a baseball fan but was very happy with the experience after all. With this being the last year of EXpos baseball, I would ask that all even casual fans come out and bid the team fond adieu. I thank Rich Salzer and Mykaussie in advance for publishing this in either the Sports Newsletter on or the site. Keep up the good work guys. And go Alouettes!

In the Seattle / Texas game Aussie lefthander Travis Blackley from Sydney won his first MLB start last night over the Texas Rangers. Ichiro had a big night for the Mariners as well. Unreal." Matt Oldkin

Fri July 2 04 "Scott's excellent MLB update!" Myk Aussie

"Florida Marlins:

1. Fired a horrible manager in Jeff Torborg (Actually, Scott, you're exaggerating. He wasn't that good.) The only reason he had the Marlins job and the Expos ob before it, is because Jeffrey Loria was on the cheap in both cities. I bet you when Jack McKeon got hired, it was like the scene in "Major League" when the Cleveland Indians GM called Lou Brown to see if could manage the team. Lou told him to hold because he had a customer looking for some whitewall tires on line 2.{That's the best line I've heard in awhile. Is it still taboo to yell "Movie" in a crowded Firehouse?!}

2. When they hired "Trader" Jack McKeon, the Marlins went 71-41 after starting out 19-29 with Torborg.

3. More power than the 'Rays with Mike Lowell, Miguel Cabrera (considered to
be the next Manny Ramirez in terms of hitting), Derek Lee (who has helped the Cubs immensely this year), and Pudge Rodriguez (who the Marlins miss his leadership). This year, the Marlins do not have the power like they did last year. They lost Derek Lee (31 HRs), Pudge Rodriguez (15 HRs), and Juan Encarnacion (19 HRs), plus pinch hitter Todd Hollandsworh (who is currently hitting .318 and 8 HRs with the Cubs).


So far, the 'Rays leaders in HR's are Jose Cruz, Jr. and Tino Martinez with 12 each. Tino is a streak hitter, and Cruz has underachieved in clutch situations, and he is with is 3rd team in 3 years. Aubrey Huff, who hit 34 home runs and drove over a 100 in 2003, has only 10 so far. No one on the team is projected to hit 30 home runs. I believe the comparison is at the top of the lineup with Carl Crawford and Rocco Baldelli. Crawford has blazing speed with 35 stolen bases and a .316 Avg. so far this year. Baldelli plays a solid CF and is batting near .300 'Rays bullpen is better than the Marlins of last year. However, the Marlins had a better pitching staff at the end of 2003 with Josh Beckett, Brad Penny, and Carl Pavano pitching well. This year, the Marlins have good seasons from Penny, Dontrelle Willis, and a breakout first half for Carl Pavano (lucky dog, he is dating Alyssia Milano from Charmed and Who's The Boss {What? You dig her "capped" teeth. Yeech!} who has 9 wins, and should make the All-Star team. Beckett is on the DL with a back problem, and has blister problems that has plagued him throughout his career. A.J. Burnett, who is considered the best talent of the staff, has just come back from Tommy John surgery (replacing the tendon in the elbow), and it usually takes a year or two to fully come back from that surgery. The talent and the managing are there for the D-Rays, but here are the roadblocks:

1. The Yankees with their limitless resources and constant impatience from George Steinbrenner.

2. The Red Sox, who try to match the Yankees (but we all know they just do not get it done). he Red Sox are the Wile E. Coyote to the Yankees Roadrunner. Yankees-Red Sox is not a rivalry, by the way. The teams may have mutual hatred, but it is not a rivalry. The Red Sox would have to win a few titles (I will further this argument in another email).

3. They both play in the same division as the 'Rays, however, the Sox always find ways to self-destruct, so there is a possibility for the 'Rays to snag 2nd from Boston.

4. Management for the D' Rays. Manager Lou Pinella wants to acquire more players, but management wants to stay on budget of around $45 million." Scott Baxter

Wed June 30 04 "Moose's MLB update!" Myk Aussie

MLB Update By: Rich Salzer

The Montreal Expos will be the Northern Virginia Expos next year, or the Las Vegas Expos or contracted according to the MLB front Office, it was reported yesterday. The Toronto Blue Jays have hit a real slump and would have to be labeled by any fair minded person as the disappointment of the year. But there are two success stories that would make any Sports reporter feel good. Number one would have to be the Tampa Bay 'Rays, who are one game better this season at this point in the year than the Florida Marlins, who won the pennant last October! After Sundays loss at Miami to the Marlins and yesterdays win over slumping Toronto, the 'Rays are now 37-36. They've won 16 of their last 18. 

In the last year
and a half the Tampa Bay Lightning (sorry Myk!) have won the Stanley Cup, the Tampa Bay Storm the Arena Bowl (Jun. '03) and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl XXXVII. The next feel good story is about a young Texas Rangers pitcher, Nick Bierbrodt, who was shot three times on the morning of June 2nd, 2002 in Charleston South Carolina (did the Masons do it? Their headquarters is there...) and now has recovered to get back in the rotation for the Rangers. The pitching Coach for the Rangers, former Major League great Orel L. Herscheiser has been working on his mechanics by until last nights disaster in their loss to Seattle, Bierbrodt had made a fantastic recovery. The kid is a 6'5", 215 lb. lefty with a great curveball.

Last nights other scores: Tampa Bay 10, Toronto 2
Baltimore 10, Kansas City 1
Pittsburgh 2, Saint Louis 1
Ken Saroka's Philadelphia Phillies pounded hapless Montreal 14-6" Moose

Tues May 11 04 "Amazing article about the MLB Steroid scandal in this months Playboy with Pammy on the front cover!" Myk Aussie

Check out my NHL report Friday May 7th for some details on this multi page very interesting article Click here" Myk Aussie

Tues, May 4
, 04' "Major League Baseball and International Baseball League Update!" Rich Salzer and Scott Baxter

Salzer and Baxter reppin' MykWebT.V. attended the Saturday May 1st game between the Norfolk Tides and the Columbus Clippers at beautiful, scenic, downtown Harbour Park in Norfolk, Virginia.
The Tides are the New York Mets 'AAA' farm club and the Clippers are the New York Yankees top farm club. Norfolk pitcher Aaron Heilman gave up 4 consecutive walks to start the game and was
relieved after five and two thirds innings after giving up 6 hits and four runs. Norfolk, down 4-0, came back mostly on the strength of a three run homer by IBL HR leading hitter, Craig Brazze, in the 5-4 Norfolk win. Brazzel now has 9 home runs in 21 games. The first of four Tides relievers, Royce Ring got the win for Norfolk, now 10-11 on the season.

Scores from Major League Baseball:

New York Y's 7, Kansas City 4
Detroit 4, Seattle 2

IBL scores:

Syracuse 5, Rochester 4
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton 6, Ottawa Lynx 2
Pawtucket 10, Buffalo 2
Indianapolis 5, Toledo (I was weighed there many times!) 3

Sat, April 3, 04' "Good luck to the Montreal Expo's! Roger Clemens was a Big Prick With Ears!" Myk Aussie

Good luck to Expo's this year, seriously I follow them because of Sports Rage.

As I said last night I think Roger Clemens now a Astro is a Prick! You may have heard this from the Sports Rage Super Bowl Friday night broadcast in Houston but I need to express this as the MLB season starts. At the Sports bar Shaun Star from The Team 990 Montreal and Internet radio went up to Roger and told him how we were doing the show for Montreal radio and that The Team was the main voice of the Expos. Shaun's a big fella and Roger "The Dodger" on this occasion shrugged him off.

I then went up to him and said "Roger can you please come on this great radio show in Montreal. Gabriel Morency has a big following and is big on MLB and the Expos". I showed him my Super Bowl media pass. The big fella looked at me, looked at me hat, thought for a few seconds and then said "No". He then went on stage for about 30 damned seconds and then left with his fat body guards in his big fat limo bus.

Belinda the Cwoa that was with us ran out and was just about inside his limo trying to get him on the show. He was the most Arrogant AHole sports person I have ever met! Gabriel shrugged this off last night when I spoke about it but I know for a fact that Morency was disappointed Roger would not come on Sports Rage. I'm going to bag him in Houston area until he agrees to come on Sports Rage and apologize for being a Dick to Canadians." Myk Aussie

Wed, Mar 24 04' "Canadians in the MLB! Moose's predictions!" Myk

Canadian Major League Baseball Players now at 16...
By: Rich Salzer

Following is a list of the 16 Canadians in Major League Baseball:
1)  Ryan Dempster
2)  Erik Bedard
3)  Rich Harden
4)  Eric Gagne
5)  Paul Quantrill
6)  Rheal Cormier
7)  Jeff Zimmerman
8)  Pete LaForest
9)  Justin Morneau
10)Stubby Clapp
11)Danny Klassen
12)Corey Koskie
13)Aaron Guiel
14)Jason Bray
15)Larry Walker
16)Matt Stairs

Major League Baseball Preview - 2004 Season
Predicted Order of Finish:

National League:

  Chicago White Sox
  Tampa Bay
  Milwaukee (best 'AAA' team in MLB!)
  New York Mets (second best 'AAA' team in MLB!!)

American League

   Kansas City
   New York Yankees
   Chicago Cubs
   San Diego
   San Francisco (with or without steriods!)
   Saint Louis

Fri, Mar 5 04' "More Steroid trouble this week! Former MLBer Rob Dibble MYKwebTV show! Atlanta Braves Pitcher Kevin Gryboski MYKwebTV" Myk

Oh no major Steroid Stirring up this week as the many of my media mates rip right into MLBers for "apparently" using Steroids. Barry Bond's the star San Fran Giant batter is the main target. George'y Bush's US Govt are even getting involved as they advise all major sports in the US that the Govt is holding an official type inquiry obviously to clean up Steroid use in US sports "apparently led by MLBers.

On a +ve MLB note Gabriel & I met up with the two MLBers at the recent Super Bowl in Houston. I believe Gabriel Morency made history On his show monday night! Gabriel trusted my amazing MYKwebTV technology enough that he just played my "Morency interviews former MLB Cinci Reds Pitcher Rob Dibble MYKwebTV Super Bowl show" live on radio. Amazing! Thanks Gabriel sounded all OK from over here in Vancouver as I listened to a World Breaking Event on the radio & Internet radio!

Feb 29, 04 MLB Rob Dibble MYKwebTV
5 mins - "Gabriel Morency 1 on 1 with former Cinci Reds Pitcher Rob Dibble. Note It's a direct link here to Me Mates Club 12-14 for Guys, Girls must be 16 as I don't want your mums telling me off. Click here 

Why was Rob laughing & why did Morency get all upset at me? Why did Rob Dibble talk about me on the Dan Patrick show in which he is a co-host the day after Super Bowl Sunday? If you know the answer email me for a chance to win a Tina #1 NFL Pro Bowl cheerleader poster, SportsRagers have a advantage here New Mates email me for a free Myk's Mates Club trial or check out this interview now on Mates Club trial, the bottom of this page Click here

Also now on Mates Club MYKwebTV 

Mar 2, 04 NFL Super Bowl 38 MYKwebTV
5 mins - "Maniac Morency 1 on 1 with MLB's Atlanta Braves Pitcher Kevin Gryboski. Super Bowl 38 Day!
 Light Sp Hi Sp

New Mates email me for a free Myk's Mates Club trial

Wed, Jan 7 04 "Don't let Cheater Pete Rose, the liar, into the village of Cooperstown MLB Hall of Fame!" Moose 

If Bud "Contraction Obsession" Selig {I thought that was a Woody Allen Movie?) has anything resembling balls left between his legs he'll uphold the late, great Bart Giamatti's decision to ban overrated Rose from Coopstown. After all Rose lied (again) in his new 'tell-all' book about
gambling on baseball. But he wants us to forgive him since he 'only' bet on other teams, not his own {The 'Reds', which is an appropriate name for a squad that Rose 'starred' for} and he (allegedly) never bet on ANY MLB club from the Red's dugout phone. Well, Kobe Bryant is
'only accused of raping ONE woman'. And John (off his?) Rocker ONLY insulted SEVERAL groups (though I personally agreed with 70% of what he said). Rose wasn't all that great a player anyway. Why did they call him Charlie "Hustle"? Because he had no skills &
that's all he did was throw his overweight body around and hustle.

Otherwise he only lasted two seasons in MLB! When you have no skills (can you say Danny-boy Wuerffel, coach Ballgame?) YOU HAVE TO HUSTLE!!! He's no George Brett or for that matter Paul Molitor or Dennis Eckersley, both of whom EARNED THEIR way into the Cooperstown Hall of Fame, that I visited  last year. If Rose goes into the Hall of Fame, I swear I'll never attend another MLB game or do one more report on this sinking sport. Integrity
means everything and this scum bag doesn't deserve to be with the above mentioned three or the rest of the greats in Cooperstown!" Moose

Wed, Dec 24 "Merry Merry Christmas to all Baseball fans!" Myk Aussie

I have a big 2004 planned. I'm heading to Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expo's Land and then off to Super Bowl XXXVIII.  Hope you can join me in 2004 and especially on Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Click here Lots more coming to MYKwebWORLD" Myk

Wed, Oct 1, 03 "Oh no Pat Stud's mates in trouble in Seattle!" Myk Aussie

Hey all... Trust me when I say this was not your typical field trip.... Some of you may have heard already of my misadventure and misfortune at Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington (Toronto won 5-3). Completely blitzed and non-coherent my comradres and I charged the field in what proved to be a HUGE miscalculation on the consequences!  Simply put....Don't mess around with the American regime.

"Safe" (no pun intended) to say we did not surface after the insuring tackles & beatings from King County's finest Boys in Blue unscathed.  I may have a smile on my face now...but like they say ignorance is truly bliss. three can run stems from too much beer, trapped in a car for hours, and of course no bathroom in site surrounded by miles of rush hour traffic...I'll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusion... Cheers and take care!! " S~man

"Crazy Canadians! I admire many of you! Not sure about his one though!" Myk Aussie

Wed, Sept 24, 03 "Mooses MLB update!" Myk Aussie

MLB Scores from tonight:

Florida Marlins 5, Philadelphia Phillies 4
Boston Red Sox 6, Baltimore Orioles 5
Chicago Cubs 6, Cincinnati Reds 0
Toronto Blue Jays 8, Tampa Bay 5
Minnesota Twins 4, Cleveland Indians 1
Detroit Tigers 15, Kansas City Royals 6
Atlanta Braves 2, Montreal Expos 0
New York Mets 1, Pittsburgh 0
New York Yankees 7, Chicago White Sox 0
Saint Louis Cardinals 5, Milwaukee Brewers 1

MLB Notes: After tonight's loss to Atlanta, you can stick Montreal with a fork, they're done. San Juan and all! How about the offensive power in the Tigers bats with 15 runs, eh? My Marlins are doing very well and are narrowing the number of games down in the Philly series, much to Ken Saroka's chagrin! Scott's Cubs may yet win the Central Division over the 'Stros.

Division leaders as of Sept. 23rd, 2003:

American League:
New York Yankees
Wild Card Prospect:

National League:
Chicago Cubs
San Francisco
Wild Card Prospect:
Florida Marlins

Pro Baseball Weekly: MLB and Pro Baseball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball web SportsCasters.

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