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Why have a website if you don't have webTV, streaming video? Myk's Design Services
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"Myk Aussie is the best NFL Cheerleaders interviewer 
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Me Cwoc mate Sexy Sexy Sonja at

"Myk Aussie is the best NFL Cheerleaders interviewer 
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"Myk Aussie is the best NFL Cheerleaders interviewer 
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Thurs, Nov 24th 05 "CJFL Update: Congratulations to the 2005 Canadian Bowl Champs Edmonton Huskies !" Moose

It seems like every other Canadian Junior College team and Canadian University team it called the Huskies, or so it would seem to this American Footie Reporter. Anyway, my pick several weeks ago was the Edmonton Huskies 22, Saint Leonard’s Cougars 8. Both teams put up more points as the

Huskies beat the Cougars, 34-15. Offencive Player of the Game was #32 Dathan Thomas of the Huskies and Defencive Player of the Game was #50 Olivier Boileau of the Cougars. Congratulations to the Huskies of Edmonton for the Championship and to all the players of all the teams for another great season in the CJFL." Moose

Updated Wed, Nov 2nd, 05 "Moose's CJFL report! Blake Shaw, a CDN footy player from the CJFL Calgary Colts needs a new Heart!!!!!" Myk

From Moose "The Canadian Bowl participants for the 2005 season are set: It's the defending Champion Edmonton Huskies v. the Saint Leonard Cougars, Nov. 12th in Montreal, Quebec (of course). This will be the first time since 1965 that Edmonton has faced an Eastern opponent in the CJFL Finals. The Cougars advanced in Ontario by beating the Windsor AKO Fratmen, 44-7. The Huskies returned to the Canadian Bowl by beating the South Fraser Rams, 57-3. Moose's Canadian Bowl Pick: Edmonton 22, Saint Leonard 8." Moos

Below as also mentioned on Total-CFL Discussion and Moose's sports email. I know Chance is also working on very exciting project for release early in 2006. Lets hope someone with some spare $$$ can help on this cause below." Myk Aussie 

"Dear Myk Aussie; 

I was wondering if you could help me get some exposure for this auction and Quebec junior football on your great web site.  I have some pictures as well if you like to have them. Mr. Pistilli is helping me out as I go to school in the Eastern Townships (Bishops College School and I am in 10th grade). I'm trying to raise money for Blake Shaw as he needs a new heart." Chance Saint Marche

"Chance, absolutely Moose and I'll help promote this great cause! I've enjoyed watching the Calgary Colts and other CJFL games. Footy mates all the details from Chance are below" Myk

About Blake Shaw

Blake is currently in need of a heart transplant.  He is 19 years-old and he has had a pacemaker installed.  He played football for the Calgary Colts of the PFC last year.  More information can be gotten from Blake's Mom directly as Blake had to be airvac'd to a Calgary Hospital last week from Medicine Hat.  His Mom's telephone number will be made available upon request.  Please e-mail me and I will send it. "Chance Saint Marche 

NEWS RELEASE - McCallum's Jinxed Shoes to help good cause...Again

Calgary (October 25, 2005) -  Mr. Joe Pistilli, President of the Quebec Junior Football League announced today that Paul McCallum's jinxed shoes, which had previously been won on E-Bay by R. Chance Saint Marche, will be auctioned off again for a second time.  All funds will be donated directly to a young junior football player who is in need of a heart transplant.  The original auction
raised $3,050.00 and was split by Paul McCallum evenly between KidSport Saskatchewan and the Tsunami Relief Fund.

"These shoes are the ones that were worn by Paul McCallum on November 14th, 2004 during the CFL Western Final between the Roughriders and the BC Lions" stated Joe Pistilli.  McCallum had missed two key field goals, including the one 18 yarder, that had been mis-spotted by the game official, in overtime that allowed the Lions to win.

McCallum's jinxed shoes have since had an interesting journey.  They were worn by kicker Nick Santos of the QJFL's Cumberland Panthers in a game against the South Shore Monarx for promotional purposes this fall.  "Nick is a new player to the team this year and he was very honoured to wear the McCallum shoes for this very special game day promotion" stated Don Stark, VP of QJFL Football Operations.  The shoes had recently been documented in Mainland China Customs for shipment to Beijing, China where they would be worn in a promotional poster
for Canadian football camps that are underwritten and sponsored by The Saint Bernard Pass Charitable Foundation.  "The shoes were ready to be shipped to Beijing when I first heard about Blake Shaw and the Medicine Hat Eagles Club Benefit.  A couple of months after his stepfather died the doctors discovered Blake needed a heart transplant.  His heart has a now had a pacemaker implanted and is only operating at 22%. I discussed the matter with Mr. Pistilli and we
decided it would be best if I auctioned the shoes off and gave the money to Blake's Benefit.  This was more important than the need to promote Canadian football in China right now" said Chance Saint Marche.

A deal was made whereby the QJFL would assist Saint Marche, due to his school obligations, with the auction.  Previously, Paul McCallum's helmet was auctioned at this year's Wally Buono Award and the funds were donated to the QJFL Bursary by Saint Marche.

"There were many bids last year for these shoes.  I think people will still be interested in them.  I have thrown in my entire Grey Cup ticket package and hotel reservation as an extra bonus to the winner." stated Saint Marche.

Mr. Joe Pistilli
(613) 446-7999

Note:  All contact with Chance Saint Marche will need to go via his e-mail
("").  My school only allows calls at certain hours of the evening so you will need to e-mail me first and I'll call you back.  I cannot afford to get in trouble cause this is a strict school.

E-Bay You can find these tickets and shoes at "" then put in "Grey Cup
Tickets."  My ad is the one in purple with Paul McCallum's picture.

About R. Chance Saint Marche

Chance Saint Marche is a 15 year-old, tenth grader, attending private boarding school in the Province of Quebec.  He is the youngest Alumni of the Gemological Institute of America ( where he holds a Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P) Degree which he earned at the age of 14.  He is also a member of the International GIA Alumni (Membership Number 111003471) since August of 2005 and a member of the American Numismatic Association since 2002. In addition to this, Chance is the owner of "School of Rock Entertainment" which is a newly launched marketing and promotional company geared towards high school and university students.

About the Quebec Junior Football League
The Quebec Junior Football League is a national amateur football league consisting of 8 teams playing in two provinces across eastern Canada. The teams compete annually for the Manson Cup. This league has been in existence since 1908. It has had different names & teams over the years. Over the years it has served many different geographic areas of Ontario & Quebec . The one common denominator is that it has provided an excellent football program for young men
between 18 & 22 years of age.  See for more information.

About the QJFL Educational Bursaries

Each year the QJFL awards educational bursaries at the QJFL Awards Dinner. The value of the bursaries varies each year depending on the generosity of our sponsors. Since the start of the bursary program in 1996 the league has been able to award bursaries for a total value in excess of $33,000.00.  Every player who registers in the QJFL is eligible to apply for a bursary. The decision of awarding a bursary has no relationship to a player's football skills. The money for the bursary is paid directly to the institution that you will be attending.

About Mr. Joe Pistilli

Mr. Joe Pistilli is the current president of the Quebec Junior Football League.
His resume is included below:

Volunteer experience in amateur football:
1963 to 1966 House announcer, secretary and general manager of Chateauguay
Ramblers – Quebec Senior Football League. League ceased operating at the end of
1966 season.
1967 to 1969 - President of Chateauguay Ramblers for the Quebec Juvenile
Football League. Also worked as a referee for minor football in Chateauguay, QC.
1970 to 1975 - Commissioner of the Quebec Junior Football League. Also Eastern
Commissioner for CJFL 1973 and 1974. Vice President - Football Quebec 1975.
1973 to 1975 – Coached in Chateauguay minor football in the mosquito and peewee
division. Also wrote a weekly report in French and English in the local papers.
1976 - President – Football Quebec and director for Football Canada.
1977 - Organized the Red Storey Roast during Grey Cup week. The event raised a
total of $20,000. for Football Canada and Football Quebec.
1977 to 1980 - Vice President Operations for Chateauguay Minor Football.
Responsible for all coaching, refereeing and all other volunteers involved with
the program.
1980 to 1985 - President Football Quebec and Director for Football Canada.
1986 to 1991 - Vice - President Administration for Football Canada.
1987 to 1988 - Director of Quebec Junior Football League.
1989 to 1991 - President of Chateauguay Raiders of the Quebec Junior Football
1992 to 1998 - President Football Canada.
1999 to 2000 - Past President on the Football Canada Board.
2001 to 2002 - Director Football Canada – Examination Committee.
2002 to present - President of the Quebec Junior Football League and Director at
Football Canada.
Other activities related to football
1974 to 1985 - Worked with P.A. crew for Montreal Alouettes and back up
announcer. Had the honor in 1976 to announce the second game played at the
Olympic Stadium for the largest ever attendance at a CFL game 69,070 spectators.
1986 - Awarded the Football Canada / CFL award for service to amateur football
at A.G.M. in Moncton, N.B.

"Lets hope someone out there can put up some good $$$ for this cause." Myk Aussie

Tues, Oct 25 05 "CJFL scores" Moose

Canadian Bowl will be hosted in a soon to be determined Ontarian City, to be played on Nov. 12th, 2005. No, I can't make, so I won't even try to get Media. B.C.F.C Standing (rest next week! 18 Teams competing)

Okanagan Sun        8-2-0
Vancouver Island     8-2-0
Simon Fraser          7-3-0
Vancouver Trojans   6-4-0
Victoria                   3-7-0
Abbottsford               2-8-0
Chilliwack               1-9-0

Okanagan 30, Abbotsford 13
Vancouver 36, Victoria 14
Vancouver Island 19, Simon Fraser 15" Moose

Tues, Oct 11 05 "CJFL scores" Moose

CJFL Update
Scores from this past weekend:
Vancouver 29, Abbotsford 16
Ottawa Jr. Riders 28, London 7
Edmonton Huskies 33, Saskatoon 2
Edmonton Wildcats 46, Calgary Colts 28
South Fraser Rams 43, Victoria 37" Moose

Wed, Sept 28 05 "CJFL scores" Moose

Scores: Saskatoon, who will host the 2006 Vanier Cup, 21, Edmonton Wildcats 18
Edmonton Huskies 44, Calgary Colts 14
Winnipeg Rifles 28, Regina Rams 10
Saint Leonard Cougars 46, Ottawa Jr. Riders 17
Okanagan Sun (me and Myk's favorites!) 42, Vancouver Trojans 35" Moose

Tues, April 26 05 "CJFL, Wally Buono, Marv Levy and Vince Lombardi Jnr to visit Montreal" 

From Alouettes media



The late Jeff Halvorson to be honoured at Canadian Junior Football banquet


Montreal, Apr. 21, 2005 – Former Alouette and current B.C. Lions head coach and general manager Wally Buono, former Alouettes and Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy, and the son of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi will all be in Montreal this May 12 for the third annual Wally Buono Award Gala for Canadian Junior Football at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel.


The late Jeff Halvorson of the Okanagan Sun will be recognized posthumously as the Canadian Junior Football League’s best player in 2004. He died suddenly following a practice with the Sun last season. Before his death last fall, however, the running back dominated the CJFL with 899 yards gained and 13 touchdowns on 96 carries for an average of 9.4 yards-per-touch.


Halvorson is the third winner of the Wally Buono Award, following Chris Ciezki in 2004 and Al Giaclone in 2003. The trophy has been awarded each year since 2003 to the top performer in either of the Canadian or Quebec leagues which account for 25 teams across Canada.


The third annual Wally Buono Award Gala in honour of Jeff Halvorson is Thursday, May 12 at 5:30 p.m. at the Fairmount Queen Elizabeth Hotel. For more information on the Quebec Junior Football League, Click here 

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Sat, Feb 12 05 "CJFL players, the future CIS/CFL players in Pt 1 of the 05 NFL Global Juniors Final CDN vs USA from Super Bowl Saturday now up on MYKwebTV/Total-CFLwebTV! 

Team Canada was for the 2nd year coached by Danny Maciocia. For 05 NFL Global Juniors MYKwebTV/Total-CFLwebTV with some definite future CIS/ CFLers Canada vs USA Click here" Myk Aussie

Jan 8, 05 "MYKwebTV will for the 3rd year in a row be at the NFL Global Jnr's!

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I am going Live from Super Bowl Media Day and other select times throughout the week! The magnificent new full screen versions of Clipstream Live and Video. Yes I can go Live to the web and full screen! Amazing! Check out our new Clipstream Live Click here  

If you would like to help me in producing/promoting this great event or Ph: 1 403 870-5578. " Myk Aussie

Mon, Nov 1 04 "CJFL Okanagan Sun were defeated by the Edmonton Huskies in the Canadian Bowl and it wasn't on Vancouver TV! 

Congratulations to the Edmonton Huskies in winning the CJFL Canadian Bowl 24-7 over the Okanagan Sun. "Apparently" Kelly McBryan Huskies QB, who finished 18-for-33 for 263 yards and was named offensive MVP. He was also the PFC MVP and offensive MVP this season.

Also Sun running back Jeff Halvorson was post-humously named the Canadian Junior Football League's offensive MVP at an awards dinner Friday. The 21-year-old fell at practice on September 1 after running light wind sprints and later died. 

As reported a week ago Montreal, Quebec - The 2004 CJFL Canadian Bowl will be produced by Canada's Signature Entertainment. The game will be carried "live" on Shaw TV in most parts of western Canada beginning at 1:00 PM MST on October 30th. 

This was great news I thought but not if you were in Vancouver! I couldn't believe it I rush home at 12 noon Pammy's BC Lions time and Okanagan Sun time to watch this telecast on Shaw TV and it damned well wasn't on! Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! So I watched the CFL Tiger-Cats vs the Renegades and keep trying Shaw till 3pm only to find rubbishy TV when they could have be showing this great footy game from Commonwealth Stadium in Eskimoland.

Most parts of Western Canada but not Vancouver it seems! Well Shaw well Should have I say! I hope to be doing lots of MYKwebTV and reporting much more in 05 the CJFL." Myk Aussie

Fri, Oct 29 04 "Okanagan Sun vs Edmonton Huskies! This Saturday Signature Entertainment to Produce the 2004 CJFL Canadian Bowl "Live" from Commonwealth Stadium! 

From a post I made today on the Okanagan Sun website message Board.

"Go Sun! Good luck to you guys playing on Saturdee in Eskimoland. I'm sure it will be a great day and evening when you hopefully win!

The people producing the Telecast Richard and Christina St Marche from Signature Entertainment are very fine people. I will definitely be watching the whole telecast from me hotel room out here in Pammy's BC Lionland, Vancouver. I was very close to making the trip to Eskimoland.

Go Sun! My favorite CJFL team and my favorite place in the World!

Refer below for TV viewing details. For Okanagan Sun website Click here For MYKwebTV of the Sun Click here " Myk Aussie

Sat Oct 23, 04 "Signature Entertainment to Produce the 2004 CJFL Canadian Bowl "Live" from Commonwealth Stadium!" Myk Aussie 

This is great news!

Montreal, Quebec - The 2004 CJFL Canadian Bowl will be produced by Canada's Signature Entertainment. The game will be carried "live" on Shaw TV in most parts of western Canada beginning at 1:00 PM MST on October 30th. A schedule of the coverage footprint and individual Shaw TV channels will be made available later this week. Jason Gregor will be the broadcast's play-by-play commentator while former CFL head coach Jim Barker and John Short will be the individual color analysts. The game will also be broadcast locally in Edmonton on Shaw channel 18. The theme of this year's broadcast will be "Remembering #34." At the end of each quarter, Jeff Halvorson's jersey and helmet will be shown on the Signature broadcast. "The decision to dedicate this broadcast to Jeff Halvorson, by our company, needed to be handled with dignity and honor. To say nothing of the man would have been unacceptable as he is a member of the Okanagan Sun Football Club. We, at Signature, have taken a fair and balanced approach, as we realize this day belongs equally to both the Huskies as well as the Sun." stated Christina Saint Marche of Signature Entertainment. 

The game will be broadcast under the direction of Signature's Mike Visser and will include a special half time show entitled "Lombardi: Run to Daylight." The show includes some vintage Green Bay Packer and Lombardi footage. "This show is not something that you would find on a NFL broadcast as it includes footage of both Vince Sr. and Vince Jr, as well as footage from the original Acme Meat Packers, which was the predecessor team to the current Green Bay Packers" added Signature's archive curator, Art Murray. The 2004 CJFL Championship, like the 2002 Championship, will be donated by Signature Entertainment to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame sometime in November. It will become part of the Hall's "grassroots" project and will stand as part of the Hall's permanent film archive. Contact: Signature Entertainment 1000 de la Gauchetiere West Suite 2400 Montreal, Quebec H3B 4W5 Canada 514.448.2173 Contact: Signature Entertainment 14/F, IBM Tower - Pacific Century Place 2A Worker's Stadium Road North Chao Yang District, Beijing 100027 People's Republic of China 011 86 10 6539 1244 Released: China Business Wire - Entertainment

Tues Sept 21, 04 "CJFL update as I met up with the Okanagan Sun guys! 

It was great to chat to several Sun guys at Pammy's BC Place Saturday night. The Champs from the best Western team in the CJFL were at the BC lions vs Eskimos collecting money for the Jeff Halvorson fund. Please refer below to some tragic news recently. I gladly threw in $10 to the fund. Here is the page on the Sun site where you can still donate, right hand side at the top Click here 

The Champs from one of the very the best places in the world to live and visit had another big win on the weekend Sun 51 Chilliwack 7. I also had a chat this week on email to the former Sun star QB Zack Silverman. Zack features in my 1st ever MYKwebTV show and the 1st ever PC TV streaming sports show in the World. Zack has unfortunately now retired from football after playing in the CIS for the UBC. Check out CJFL MYKwebTV Click here" Myk Aussie

Fri Sept 3, 04 "Jeff Halvorson Okanagan Sun CJFL Star Running back dies at practice!

From Total-CFL Discussion yesterday 

Very tragic event reported on Global Vancouver news this morning. According to the report Okanagan Sun star running back Jeff Halvorson collapsed and died at practice last night. He apparently had complained of a sore shoulder and had spent most of the time on the sidelines encouraging his team mates through the drills. Halvorson had played for the Edmonton Wildcats in 2002 prior to jumping to the Sun. Halvorson was 21 and according to some of the briefs on the Sun's website he was well on his way to an outstanding season. Hambone

"Hambone thanks for posting that. Very sad news. The report doesn't actually say what he died from. Jeff was obviously a very fine player reading down the report.

August 11th Congratulations to Jeff Halvorson, who was named the BCFC Offensive Player of the Week. Jeff totaled 257 yards on 26 carries to go along with 4 touchdowns on the night." Myk Aussie

"Indeed a sad story, Jeff has a wife and a little child also, that makes it sad.
Jeff still hold the 100 meter time in high school track and field in Alberta. Haven't heard what  the reason for the sudden death was. He was a major part of a Suns team that is rolling over the opposition and is now 6-0. Talk is the Sun will join the university ranks in 2006 as the Okanagan-ubc team" Sideline Reporter

"Since this morning I heard Jeff was actually one of the pre-season finalists they were looking at for the Wally Buono Award, a new award in the CJFL presented by Richard and Christina St Marche from Signature Entertainment. They held a function at the Red and White Club earlier this year in regards to this.

Sideline I also heard a week or so ago re Sun joining a new league so seems you could be spot on. For more on this tragic sports story please read the Sun website Click here " Myk Aussie

Fri, July 23 04 "CJFL, Canadian Junior Football League has started!

Moose I agree. We apologize to any CJFL fans out there for not reporting on the start of the season. I met a few of the Victoria Rebels guys at the BC Lions game 2 weeks ago. They were telling me they are going to win The Canadian Bowl this year. I said what about my Okanagan Sun mates. They reconfirmed telling me they are better than the Sun.  We will wait and see I suppose. Wow! Week 1 they may be right 51 to 11 over Chilliwack

CJFL Update By: Rich Salzer 

I should be ashamed of myself. I call myself Mr. World Footy and I forgot to bring you the CJFL scoop the last few weeks. Folkes, the CJFL has been around for 97 years, even longer than the CFL. An interesting thing I found out this week is that former Calgary Stampeder Grey Cup hero Marvin (Big Daddy) Pope is Coach of the Regina Prairie Thunder of the PF. Conference. Way to go Big Guy! 

The Saskatoon Hilltops will be trying win an unprecedented fourth consecutive Canadian Bowl CJFL Championship this year. Good luck to all 19 teams, and go Okanagan Sun! The Conferences: BCFC: Teams: Abbotsford Air Force Chilliwack Valley Huskies Okanagan Sun PFC: Teams: Calgary Colts Edmonton Huskies Edmonton Wildcats Regina Prarie Thunder Saskatoon Hilltops Winnipeg Riffles OFC: Teams: Burlington Braves London Beefeaters Ottwa Jr. Riders Saint Leonard Cougars Windsor Fratmen 

Week 1 Scores: South Fraser 27 hammered Chilliwack 1, Abbotsford 26 defeated Vancouver 14 

Week 2 Scores: Okanagan 25 defeated Vancouver 7, Victoria 51 hammered Tri-City 3 Abbotsford 29 defeated Chilliwack 11

Fri, May 14 04, Dec 24 "A Big CJFL Calgary Colts function!" Myk Aussie

From Total-CFL Home Page News - I heard the Big footy show at the Stampeders Red and White Club two weeks ago was a huge success with over 300 people attending. As previously mentioned the tab to stage the 2nd annual Wally Buono Awards was picked up by Richard and Christina Saint Marche. This included flying Wally in from Vancouver along with bringing the Vince Lombardi Junior as the guest speaker.

Although invited I could not make the event due to my recent commitments in Lion Land but this week Richard sent me a magnificent “Leadership book” written by and personally signed by Vince Junior. Wow! Thanks Richard and Christina I’m sure I will learn a lot about Vince the Legend Green Bay Packers coach. The proceeds from the big event went to the CJFL Calgary Colts. Look for more great CJFL News in 04 involving our new Calgary friends Richard and Christina from England." Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: CJFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk -The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy 

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