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Fri, Dec 24 "Merry Christmas Baseball Heads! Moose's MLB Free Agent Update!" Myk Aussie

American League still available Free Agents: 

Anaheim -
Andres Galarraga, DH, Shane Halter, 3B, Aaron Sele, RHP
Baltimore -
Marty Cordova, DH, Omar Daal, LHP, Buddy Groom, LHP, Dave Segui, DH
Boston -Terry Adams, RHP, Pedro Astacio, RHP, Ellis Burks,DH, Orlando Cabrerra, SS, Ricky Guiterrez, 2B, Curtis Leskanic,
RHP, Mike Myers (BAY-BEEEEEEEE!), LHP, Pierre Reese, 2B,Jason Varitek, C, Scott Williamson, RHP
Chicago White Sox -Roberts Alomar, 2b, Magglio Ordonez, OF, Jose Valentin, SS
Cleveland -
Rick White, RHP
Detroit -Juan Gonzalez, RHP
Kansas City -Joe Randa, 3b, Desi Redmond, 3B
New York Yankees -Miguel Loaiza, RHP, C.J. Nitkowski, LHP, John Olerud, 1B, Ruben
,Sierra, DH
Oakland -Chris Hammond, LHP, Jim Mecir, RHP, Mark McLemore, 2B
Seattle -Edgar Martinez, DH
Tampa Bay -Brook Fordyce (brother of Af2 Quad City's Josh Fordyce), SS-DH,
Tino Martinez, 1B, Todd Ritchie, RHP, Rey Sanchez, 2B
Texas -Andy Fox, 3B, Brad Fullmer, DH, Rusty Greer, OF, Brian Jordan (ex-NFL'r with Atlanta and N.Y. Giants), OF-DH, Jeff Nelson, RHP, Herbert Perry, DH-2B, Jay Powell, RHP, Jef Zimmerman, RHP.
Toronto -Dave Berg, OF, Valerlo De Los Santos, LHP, Carlos Delgado, 1B,Pat Hentgen, RHP, Gregg Zaun, C

National League Free Agents:
Arizona -Randy Johnson, LHP, Carlos Baerga, 1B, Danny Bautista, OF,Mike Fetters, RHP, Shane Reynolds, RHP, Steve Sparks, RHP,Scott Service, RHP
Atlanta -Antonio Alfonseca, RHP, J.D. Drew, OF, Jaret Wright, RHP,
Chicago Cubs (Scott Baxter's boys...anybody can have a bad century!) -Moises Alou, Jr., OF, Paul Bako, C, Matt Clement, RHP, Tom Goodwin,
OF, Ben Grieve, OF, Mark Martinez, SS-2B
Florida Marlins (Moose's Boys!) -Chad Fox, RHP, Josias Manzanillo, RHP, Mike Decai, 3B, Carl Pavano[must
get him back!], RHP, Ismael Valdez, RHP"Moose

Sat, Dec 4 "MLB Steroids case! Yankees Jason Giambi admits to taking steroids! Barry Bonds also in the news!" Myk Aussie

Lots in the news this week as the Steroids case is in court. Yankees player Jason Giambi admits to taking steroids. Barry Bonds appears to be in some major trouble as well. "Myk Aussie you should have seen Barry when he was younger. He was a bit of a skinny guy" Chris Cowboy Corean. Well well well the legend hitter keeps denying it but it doesn't look to good for Barry. Barry is often voted as one of the most arrogant sports people playing in Nth America. It appears a lot of people want to see him go down in a big way. I have read several reports about this steroid scandal and what occurred in the gym where Barry trained. Very interesting.

As I stated on SportsRage last night this is not good for MLB and maybe this was the reason why I accidentally spat beer on Rob Dibble the ESPN radio guy and former Cinci Reds pitcher at Super Bowl. It seems it was my subconscious way of expressing my disapproval of what appears to be lots of steroid use in MLB. 

Also on SportsRage I expressed my disappointment in Olympic multiple Gold Medallist Marion Jones the hottie. I like Marion but it appears she is guilty of injecting herself with steroids. Morency agreed that Marion is a hottie and that he would "Tap That", a regular segment on his great radio show. "Would you Tap That meaning would you like to get naked with a particle female that is being discussed." Myk Aussie

Thurs Oct 28, 04 "Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox! They finally again win the World "America only" Series MLB Baseball Championship!" Myk Aussie

Mooses update. "Hail, hail the Boston Red Sox 1st Championship in 86 years!" By: Moose-ball Salzer Shannon Cunningham, my little cuty from Connecticut, whereever you are, I know you are exstatic! The Boston Red Sox took care of business in a big way last night by slamming the door on the Saint Louis Cardinals MLB leading 105 game winning season with a convincing 3-0 win in the deciding game four of MLB's 101st Championship Pennant season. Boston won it's 7th career MLB title and have lost in the Series 4 more times. They have played in 11 MLB titles, some with names other than Red Sox. The Red Sox have won the 2004, 1918, 1916, 1915, 1914, 1912 & 1903 Series and lost it in 1986, 1975, 1948 and 1946. They also put the 'beaten-like-a-dead-horse' stupid "Curse of the Bambino (i.e. George Herman Ruth)" thing to bed also. Babe Ruth actually started his minor League career with a team in TORONTO in 1914. He started out in MLB as a PITCHER! But was later traded to the New York Yankees, thus with the N.Y. Yankees winning all those Championships, "The Curse of...". Series MVP for Boston was Manny Ramirez. Now let's get those NHL boys back on the ice, Gary Bettman!

Mon Oct 24, 04 "The Boston Red Sox defeated the Saint Louis Cardinals!" Moose

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Saint Louis Cardinals last night behind the strong pitching of ex-Arizona Diamond Back World Series winning pitcher, Curt Schilling, 6-2, to take a 2-0 lead in the best of seven Major League Championship Series. After the New York Yankees stole designated Red Sox-from the Texas Rangers, Alex (A-ROD) Rodriguez, the Red Sox got Schilling and loaded up on other pitchers and outfield help. 

worked as the "Pitching-poor" Yankees lost to the Red Sox for the first time in MLB's history in the playoffs. I still am trying to figure out what is wrong with reliable 3rd baseman Bill Mueller (no relation to Walter in CA). Three errors last night! A Red Sox and MLB record for the playoffs. I am staying with my original pick of the Cardinals in 6 or 7." Moose

Fri, Oct 22 04 "Oh no legend MLB and now Astro's pitcher Roger "the Dodger" Clemens blows it and the St Louis Cardinals defeat the Houston Astros in game 7 to advance to the "World"? Series of MLB!

Cardinals won 5-2 tonight! Roger "the Dodger" Clemens they kept the legend MLB and now Astros pitcher in a bit to long it appeared as the Cardinals scored runs late in the game to win.

Why do I call Roger Clemens "the Dodger"? Well he Dodged his way away from me at the sports Bar in Houston on the Friday night of Super Bowl and would not come on the Montreal based sports show that I was with "unofficially" during the Super Bowl week. Roger is a legend, I believe the 2nd most successful pitcher in MLB history but I love ripping into him as I have the past 9 months from time to time. He looked me up and down, looked at me Super Bowl media pass but said "Can't do it". That would not have happened with the sports stars where I come from, Australia so I can rip into him.  Refer to Feb 04 MLB webWORLD news below for more on this Crazy/Stupid story.

Saturday night the MLB World Series starts even though it is just the USA teams the US people like to say it is the World Series. Even though the MLB is no doubt the best Baseball in the World I never can work that one out, the World Series with only American teams. Oh well doesn't matter to much I love it up here in Western Canada promoting Nth American sports to the World!" Myk Aussie

Thurs, Oct 21 04 "MLB Baseball Boston Red Sox defeat the New York Yankees in game 7 and go to the World series! What is in the massive amounts of gum the Sox Pitcher/Thrower's chew!

It is being called one of the greatest comebacks in sports history as the Boston Red Sox come from 3-0 games behind to defeat the New York Yankees 10-3 in game 7. The Red Sox Pitcher/Thrower guys what is in the huge amounts of gum that they chew? I presume it's gum and not tobacco! Way to go Red Sox defeating the very very high paid Yankees!" Myk Aussie. 

Mon, Oct 18 04 "MLB Boston Red Sox defeat the New York Yankees Fridee night in game 3 or did they??? and then Sundee night they win game 4! Moose's report! Morency's HARDBall Expo's and MLB column" 

So I was in the Bourbon Bar in Gastown Vancouver Fridee night with me mates watching the Red Sox get their 1st win over the Yankees in the current playoffs. In the end they won 3-2, way to go Red Sox. The Yankee haters were all happy or were they?

After I had a wander around for a bit outside I then chat to a fella at the bar and ask him the final score. "Myk 3-2 Red Sox but it was a damned replay from 2 years ago. The game was washed out. It had me fouled, I thought the game was on and the Red Sox won. Damn it I feel like a Goose" 

And so did many others! When I told "some" of them it was a washout they also felt like Gooses. Many more will this morning as many still did not realize it was a replay and I did not tell them!

On Saturday night the Yankees hammered the Red Sox in the official game three 19 runs to 8. Wow! Then Sunday night the Red Sox came back and won game 4.

From Moose "The Boston Red Sox took 14 full innings to dispose of the overrated N.Y. Yankees last night as their pitching is finally getting it's act together. The last two games the Yankees have not been able to out hit Boston. Boy were the folkes in beantown relieved to have the Series not end in their park! I still stay with my original pick of Boston v. Houston in the World Series. I had before the year began thought Toronto, but the curse of the new unis got the 'b.Jays before the season got to old. The Yanks still hold a 3-2 advantage and I just applied for our ace Sports guy from Philly, Ken Saroka and his assistant to get Media for game three next week, where ever that will be; Saint Louis or Houston. The H.Astros still hold a commanding 3-2 lead over the somewhat overrated Cardinals." Moose

For a great HARDBall type MLB Baseball column from the Montreal and Inernet radio star Gabriel Morency have a read of his column on the web from the Montreal Mirror site. Morency and the other guys at The Team 990 did as much as anyone in regards to trying to save the Expos. Click here " Myk Aussie

Tues, Oct 5 04 "The Barry Bond's 700th home run ball court case is a Joke! Wake up you stupid people! Mooses MLB update" 

Please read Sat Oct 2 report below for my disgrace re some baseball Crazy fans! This type of crap happens to often. I hear stories like this and simply want to grab a Pamela Anderson look alike and go home to Australia and escape Life!" Myk Aussie

From Moose "MLB Update - Race for Championship Pennant On! & my Marlins are home!
Caught a little baseball yesterday and the Astros are rollin'! My pick for the World Series - Astros in six over the Yankees. Won't that curdle Steinbrenner's milk! Philadelphia's Larry Bowa fired! More managers to go. Baseball is big bucks. Hey Bud Selig, why keep us all in suspense? Just ship the trophy to Houston. With that pitcher's staff they are going all the way. Well, the suspense is over in one respect as the Montreal Expos and Youppi aren't going to Virginia afterall. But they are leaving the Big 'O'. They are headed to Washington, District of Criminals! [The Democan and Republicrat type] Myk's buddy Roger Clemens over A-Rod! Here's the final winning totals of Reg. season for all eight playoff bound teams:

American League
New York Yankees - 101 wins.
Boston Red Sox - 98
Minnesota Twins - 92
Anaheim Angels - 92

National League
Saint Louis Cardinals - 105
Atlanta Braves - 96
Los Angeles - 93
Houston - 92

Recent Scores:
Kansas City 10, Chicago White Sox 7
Atlanta 8, Chicago Cubs 6
Los Angeles Dodgers 7, San Francisco Giants 3
Milwaukee Brewers 5, Saint Louis Cardinals 1
Arizona Diamondbacks 7, Florida Marlins 4 "Moose

Sat, Oct 2 04 "Montreal Expos play their last game in Montreal! The Barry Bond's 700th home run ball court case is a Joke! Wake up you stupid people!

From weekly segment last night on SportsRage the best Sports radio show in the World. "Morency there is no way it is your fault the Montreal Expo's are leaving Montreal and heading to Billy Cliton's Washington. You have done lots in trying to save this once very proud franchise the way you have promoted the Expos the past 2 years especially. I listened to you nearly every night in Calgary and you tried to save the team encouraging the fans to go to Olympic Stadium. 

Or maybe the Montreal people are sick and tired of some of the US Sports Fans and some MLB players crap and don't want to be involved in this Sport! I am sick of some of this Crap especially now with the Barry Bond's 700th home run ball court case. You idiots! Of course it is the guy's ball that had it between his legs and now it's a damned court case. Some guy grabs the ball when it was held between the other guys legs and "thinks" it's his ball!!! Some US Sports Fans, lawyers and Media need to get smacked in the head "Wake up you idiots!!!!". I hear stories like this and simply want to grab a Pamela Anderson look alike and go home to Australia and escape Life! I hope the lawyer involved rots as well the glory seeking "prick with ears". Maybe there was a reason why I spat up my beer on Rob Dibble at Super Bowl (Refer to MLB MYKwebTV). Nothing against Rob personally at all but MLB needs to wake up in many areas and Rob is a media guy so just making my point. I don't want to even start on the "Obvious" MLB Steroids issue. Hey I love sport, I like baseball. I suppose we still have the Blue Jays in Toronto a CDN city!" Myk Aussie

Pro Baseball Weekly: MLB and Pro Baseball Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk & Moose The Pro Baseball web SportsCasters.

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