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Wed April 26, 17. "The Patriots Named Favorites to Keep Their Super Bowl Crown in 2018!"
(Source: Pixabay)
The New England Patriots swooped to victory in February 2017’s Super Bowl LI (51) against the Atlanta Falcons – and before they’ve even had time to enjoy their win and clean their boots, they’re already being tipped as 2018’s winners. With the initial odds being released almost ten months out of the winner being crowned, keeping an eye on the latest NFL odds may end up making a winner of you.  
The Patriots are a long-standing favourite for Super Bowl success – with a record ten playoff games won consecutively - so it’s no surprise that they’re bookies’ top choice at +475 odds. Their five wins so far (second only to The Pittsburgh Steelers with six) combined with impressive player records and bid for top spot in the Hall of Fame. The Patriots also beat the spread in the 2017 Super Bowl – possibly a better feat than attaining the highest totals.    
The Dallas Cowboys come in a tight second with odds at +900 in the latest NFL odds for the 2017-2018 season and five previous Super Bowl victories. Although their last Super Bowl final appearance was in 1996, the Cowboys are considered one of the stronger teams. With pressure on reshuffling, if they make the right roster changes, the Cowboys look set to come back stronger and ready to challenge the Patriots for their title.
(Source: Pixabay)
Rounding out the top three best odds for Super Bowl LII victory are the Green Bay Packers. Having won their last Bowl in 2011 (and having four wins to their name), the Packers remain a strong competitor for victory. Their +1000 initial odds set them ahead of the rest for victory, but pundits have been quick to blame quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his dropping performance for issues the Packers might have.            
Super Bowl reigning champions the Pittsburgh Steelers also come in at +1000. With six victories under their belt, the Steelers are likely anxious to retain their spot at the top. The Steelers are also the longstanding rivals of the Patriots, so a final featuring the pair – and a match between Patriots’ Tom Brady and Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger – would go down in Super Bowl history.
But while the current odds may feature the Patriots, Cowboys, and Packers, there are plenty more capable franchises ready to storm ahead come play time and snatch the crown. Odds for the Cleveland Browns and the San Francisco 49ers – both +12500 to win – could end up netting the greatest profit should you take a punt on them taking the top spot in Minnesota next February.  Although the 49ers’ odds don’t reflect their Super Bowl performance history – they also have five wins to their name. And they’re also the last team to cover 16 games in a season. Pixabay)
The deciding game is a long way off, and odds can change dramatically as the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl pass, players performances are monitored, and strategies change and develop. Play by play information and extensive research are the best strategies to employ in order to play the odds and attempt to pick the next Super Bowl winner.


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