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Aug 03 Myk's AFL, Aussie Rules Footy!

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Sun, Aug 31, 03 "AFL results! Oh no the Paps beat the Crows in the battle of SA! Massive Aussie footy MYKwebTV release this week as the 2003 AFL Finals start!" Myk Aussie

As I call my grandma up Friday to wish here all the best on her 90th Birthday she says "Myk, Crows have been going great but the last 2 weeks they have dropped a bit. They will need to win against the Power or else they will drop down to 6th place" Grandma Myk Aussie.

It's unbelievable in Footy Mad SA as even both me grandma's follow the Crows intensely.

Outstanding tipping this week Myk, you tipped 6 winners.

Collingwood   12.11  83 def. Essendon     9.13  67 
Geelong       12.12  84 def. St Kilda     9.11  65 
Sydney        14.10  94 def. Melbourne    9. 6  60 
Fremantle     14.12  96 def. West Coast  11.16  82 
Brisbane      13. 8  86 def. W. Bulldogs 26.14 170 
Port Adelaide 14.10  94 def. Adelaide    12. 6  78 
Kangaroos     28.19 187 def. Carlton      9. 9  63 
Hawthorn      11.12  78 def. Richmond    11. 8  74

I will have a massive Special Aussie Rules MYKwebTV release later this week as we start the AFL 2003 Finals!" Myk Aussie 

Mon, Aug 25, 03 "AFL results! The Irish win
59 (3-8-17) to 43 (2-6-13) in the Calgary's 1st Annual International Rules Test, Chieftans vs Kangaroos!" Myk Aussie

From Awesome tipping Myk Aussie, you tipped 7 winners. Yeh I'm back!

Hawthorn      20.18 138 def. Carlton     10. 4  64 
Kangaroos      9.20  74 def. Adelaide    10. 4  64 
Essendon      20.13 133 def. Fremantle   11. 7  73 
Brisbane      19. 9 123 def. Geelong     13. 8  86 
Collingwood   14.15  99 def. Sydney      12. 9  81 
St Kilda      13.17  95 def. W. Bulldogs  3.12  30 
West Coast    21.17 143 def. Melbourne   14. 7  91 
Port Adelaide 18.16 124 def. Richmond    16. 8 104

It was truly a magnificent day & big night as the Calgary Kangaroos took on the Irish Chieftans in Gaelic footy on their home turf.  Rain threatened & I thought I was in trouble as I had no footy boots but after finding a pair from the Irish I took up my position as goalie. I arrived with Cwoc Fanny Anny Thraxy & her two Cwoc friends & with other great fans & Cwoc scenery in the crowd the Aussies & Irish were all set for a Big Battle, the 1st ever in Calgary!

After studying the extensive rules on the website & a pre game explanation from Irish skipper Ronan from Cork we were all set & ready. The 1st half was a great battle but us Aussie Kangaroo guys had trouble kicking the round ball. I was the lucky one that got to kick out from full back & not around corners. We evened it up somewhat with the Irish getting penalized several times for using the open hand on handballs. 

Chris Roos skipper & coach on the day & star of the Roos vs Cougars was again in great form. I knew if I kicked it long & high to Chris he would take big grabs & that he did all day. Matty Aussie Uni of Calgary Stud kicked a brilliant 6 pointer, Robby the former Freo Dockers physio guy went off a bit & copped it from the Irish & their fans, Chris in defense for the Roos played great as he had to stand Irish fellow #9 who was looking dangerous in front of goals all day. Big Ed, John, Gareth, were other Roos featuring & having a great time. 

Three quarter time came, we were only down by 15 points playing their game so skipper Chris told us boys to go in even harder in the last quarter. That we did & against a strong last quarter breeze we were right in the game with only minutes remaining, several hard hits by us Aussies certainly had the Irish upset & fired up. A good victory to the Irish in a great game.

Now I'm part Irish as my grandfather left Belfast at 16 years old & headed to Aussie but the Irish were a bit stupid when it came to me on Saturday. As goalie once I left the 10 metre goalie area I was free game & allowed to be tackled. But why didn't the Irish come & tackle me as many a time I took my allowed two bounces & booted it well down the field. "Myk Aussie you drove me nuts running out of defence" Dino McCallion #9 Irish. So I asked the Irish fellas Saturday night why they didn't come & tackle me & their answer was "But then we would have to leave out players". Hmm I didn't mind at all. 

As I knew we would after playing hard all day us Aussies enjoyed having a beer & barbecue with the Irish, then it was off to Downtown Calgary for more beers & great fun. Just like being at home. Even star Calgary Stampeders punter & a good friend of mine Duncan "Crazy Kicker" O'Mahony the Irishman joined us at The Rose & Crown for some great Irish chat. More to come on this great day & night" Myk Aussie

Thurs, Aug 21, 03 "This Saturday is Calgary's 1st Annual International Rules Test, Chieftans vs Kangaroos, I'm playing in defense!" Myk Aussie

I had my second training run with the guys last night & I've been talked into it, I'm playing this Saturday in the big International Rules Clash as the Aussie Calgary Kangaroos take on the Irish Chieftans at Fields Clubhouse in Calgary. See you there or be square! For all the details Click here" Myk Aussie

Mon, Aug 18, 03 "This Saturday is Calgary's 1st Annual International Rules Test, Chieftans vs Kangaroos! A draw between the Cats & the Eagles in AFL Rd 20!" Myk Aussie

This Big Game is set for 2:45 pm (sharp) on Saturday 23rd of August, 2003. At the Calgary Irish pitch the same place we played the Gaelic Football Tournament.

4 Quarters; 15mins a quarter; (Horn to signal time) 5min break after 1st & 3rd quarter; 10min break at half-time

2 Referees; 1 supplied by each code (i.e. 1 Gaelic Football Ref; 1 Aussie Rules Ref)
Each ref will handle a half of the field, Either ref can call a foul. Before throw-in, both refs shall meet and discuss the rules to reach a consensus.
The Refs shall pick the winner of the "Best & Fairest" Award" from Chris Calgary Kangaroos 

AFL Rd 20 Results! 
Collingwood   15.18 108 def. Adelaide    11. 5 71 
St Kilda      26.10 166 def. Carlton     11. 9 75 
Geelong        9. 9  63 drw. West Coast   9. 9 63 
Hawthorn      16.14 110 def. Kangaroos   14.12 96 
Port Adelaide 17.10 112 def. Melbourne   15. 8 98 
Sydney        14. 6  90 def. Brisbane    10.16 76 
Fremantle     18.25 133 def. W. Bulldogs 12. 5 77 
Essendon      13.14  92 def. Richmond     7.11 53  

Thurs, Aug 14 03 "I crashed & burned with tipping last week! It looked like a hard round so I seeked Batman's Melbourne advise but it was all too late. I was the worst ever 2 out of 8 & thus I dropped in rankings!" Myk Aussie

From Myk Aussie you are ranked 15,707 out of 56,254 tippers in the AFL competition. For this weeks tips & l,ots lots more great comedy MYKwebTV & articles "Myk's Mates Club" Click here " Myk Aussie

, Aug 13 03 "I had a training run with the Calgary Kangaroos tonight!" Myk Aussie

In readiness for the next game "It's the International Rules Match" against the Irish. 

Saturday 23rd August Calgary Kangaroos v Calgary Chieftans" Myk Aussie

Mon, Aug 11 03 "I crashed & burned in tipping this week! Crows win in Perth against the Eagles now that means they are a good team! VHS of the Big Clash Kalgary Kangaroos vs Vancouver Cougars now available!" Myk Aussie

Geelong       11.18  84 def. Melbourne    6. 9 45 
Adelaide      13.13  91 def. West Coast  10. 7 67 
Brisbane      15.11 101 def. Collingwood  8.14 62 
St Kilda      20.10 130 def. Richmond     7. 8 50 
Hawthorn      17. 8 110 def. Sydney      14. 9 93 
Port Adelaide 18.17 125 def. Carlton     12. 9 81 
Essendon      22.15 147 def. W. Bulldogs 12. 8 80 
Fremantle     15. 9  99 def. Kangaroos   15. 8 98

60 min VHS of the Big Clash Calgary Kangaroos vs the Vancouver Cougars now available use Pay Pal below. For details on sending me cash, bank cheque or other items email or Ph 403 870-5578 CDN#


Mon, Aug 4 03 "Sth Aussie Crows & Power continue winning! AFL results!" Myk Aussie

From tipping Outstanding tipping this week Myk, you tipped 6 winners.

W. Bulldogs   14.17 101 def. Melbourne  12. 8 80 
Fremantle     15.14 104 def. Richmond   11.15 81 
Essendon      13.12  90 def. Carlton     7.14 56 
Collingwood   14.13  97 def. Geelong    10.13 73 
Brisbane      20.17 137 def. Kangaroos  11.17 83 
Adelaide      14.13  97 def. Sydney     14. 9 93 
Port Adelaide 12.12  84 def. Hawthorn   11.14 80 
St Kilda      19.14 128 def. West Coast  9.13 67

Do you want to watch some CDN Aussie Rules Footy ? VHS or MYKwebTV ? Please  read below!" Myk Aussie

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