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May-June 03 Myk's AFL, Aussie Rules Footy!

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Pro Football Weekly: NFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy.
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"Hi Guys and Cool Women! Me Aussie Rules Footy webWORLD will initially include, AFL Australian Football League, US Aussie footy, BL&GFA footy, CDN Aussie footy & SANFL footy. Me Aussie Rules footy webWORLD will continue to be a very popular especially with the many Canuck & US mates that have just discovered this great game." Myk Aussie 


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Mon June 30, 03 "CDN Aussie Rules Footy in Calgary July 19 as the Calgary Kangaroos take on the Vancouver Cougars! AFL results!" Myk Aussie

I was just down at the Kangaroos training & the Roo's led by skipper Troy Rose are all fired up ready to welcome the Cougars in town in the usual rough & tough Aussie Rules footy sort of way. 

The Kangaroos & the Cougars recently had a great battle in Vancouver so I look forward to seeing the return clash in what's called "The Stampede Cup". Make sure to check out the Calgary Kangaroos on MYKwebTV from Phoenix in Feb 2003 Click here For the Calgary Kangaroos site & more info Click here

Awesome tipping this week Myk, you tipped 7 winners.

RESULTS: Essendon      20. 9 129 def. Geelong        15. 3 93 
               Melbourne     21.10 136 def. St Kilda        14.10 94 
               Port Adelaide 14.15  99 def. Sydney           8.12 60 
               Collingwood   18.20 128 def. W. Bulldogs  12.13 85 
               Brisbane        15.14 104 def. Richmond       9. 7 61 
               Hawthorn       15. 8  98 def. Fremantle      10. 8 68 
               West Coast    11.10  76 def. Kangaroos     10. 7 67 
               Adelaide         13.14  92 def. Carlton           7. 8 50

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June 21, 2003 " CDN Aussie Rules Footy coming to Calgary real soon! Too much going on in the CFL for me to concentrate on AFL! A certain Aussie radio can get stuffed! Total-CFLwebTV is where it's all at at the moment!" Myk Aussie

Aussies CFL Canadian Footy started last week & I started with a Bib Bang. Radio 4 out of 5 nights as I reported on the Grey Cup Champs the Montreal Alouettes as they played & practiced in my part of the world Mad Cow country Alberta. Check out great CFL Footy, comedy & of course always Cwoc action Click here

Plus still no help coming my way from high up but downunder for me to promote Aussie Rules Footy. I'm sure this will change soon, the sooner the better I hope.  Expert tips still available at Myk's Mates Club but other than that for the time being go elsewhere for Aussie Footy. 

Maybe "Myk's Fighting World" might help you Aussies get a footy type agro fix. Have a read re Aussie radio station liars & my promised AFL talk interview on radio, June 18 column.
Click here" Myk Aussie

June 19, 2003 "AFL tips R13 now on Myk's Mates Club News" Myk

From the Myk you are ranked 9,155 out of 54,437 tippers in the AFL competition.

June 12, 2003 "AFL tips R12 now on Myk's Mates Club News" Myk 

From Myk Aussie your AFL results.

You are ranked 8,093 out of 54,040 tippers in the AFL competition. 

AFL, & upcoming CFL & NFL tips only on "Myk's Mates Club as of this week. Join now as I have some unreal CFL & NFL experts helping me with tips. If you are a betting man at all it will be worth the "Buck A Week". I 100% believe we will make you $$$$$. Me NFL tipsters are lead by Sammy Sasktoon & his PSD, Points Spread Database System & Moose me Nth American Footy expert. CFL will be lead by Moose & Jerry Nuffy. I know what I'm doing in the CFL & NFL as well but appreciate some of the very Best NFL & CFL advise out there.

For the betting guys
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June 9, 2003 "AFL Round 11 results! Now only available to Myk's Mates Club. AFL, CFL & NFL tips!" Myk Aussie

Kangaroos     13.14  92 def. Richmond    13.11  89 
Hawthorn       11. 9  75 def. Adelaide    10.10  70 
St Kilda          13.12  90 def. Brisbane    13. 7  85 
Sydney          21. 7 133 def. Essendon    12. 7  79 
Port Adelaide  16.16 112 def. Fremantle    9. 9  63 
West Coast     19.10 124 drw. W. Bulldogs 19.10 124 
Geelong          17.13 115 def. Carlton     12. 3  75 
Collingwood    20.13 133 def. Melbourne   10.17  77

June 6, 2003 "Now only available to Myk's Mates Club. AFL, CFL & NFL tips!" Myk Aussie

From the Your AFL results. Myk you are ranked 8,34 out of 53,532 tippers in the AFL competition.

Wayne "stick it where you shouldn't" Carey is back after injury & will line up at Full Forward for the Adelaide Crows! Interesting to note the AFL reckon some of these games are being played at 1.10AM, Wow that is going to be tough on the players ???

Hope to have you in my Massive
Myk's Mates Club Click here "Myk Aussie

June 2, 2003 "AFL results. US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy! SAFM this week" Myk Aussie

From the Outstanding tipping this week Myk, you tipped 6 winners. Thanks to some good advice from Batmans in Melbourne I had another good round of tipping in the awesome AFL.

Port Adelaide 14.14  98 def. Collingwood 10.13  73 
Fremantle     19.13 127 def. Carlton     15. 9  99 
Kangaroos     24.12 156 def. W. Bulldogs 22.13 145 
Sydney        16. 8 104 def. Richmond    10.12  72 
Brisbane      18.15 123 def. Melbourne    9. 9  63 
Adelaide      11.10  76 def. Geelong      8.11  59 
Essendon      19.14 128 def. West Coast  16.10 106 
St Kilda      17.16 118 def. Hawthorn    14. 6  90

Mates if you know a company that sells products into the US I recommend they should advertise/help/donate to the expanding US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy. USAFL led by
Port Powers overseas team the KCPower have put together a great TV & webTV advert. Click here  Contact me & I'll get you in direct contact with the top guys at the US & CDN footy guys. Ph: 011 1403 870-5578 or

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The SAFM talking footy interview I did is meant to be on this weeks Breakfast Show with Marty & Amanda." Myk Aussie

May 28, 2003 "Mooses cinema type showings of "Football Fan Frenzy" & "FFF2"! I'm on SAFM, Sth Australia's Breakfast Radio Show this week talking US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy!  respectable tipping they tell me, 4 out of 8 is Rubbish! AFL very high up officials very impressed with MYKwebTV!" Myk Aussie 

Moose you are a champ opening up the 1st ever cinema type showing me AFL Aussie Rules Footy, NFL & CFL movies "Football Fan Frenzy" & "FFF 2". Moose Mr Nth America Footy & Rick have regular showing of me movies down there in Marcus Crandell's old territory, Virgin Beach. Thanks guys that's unreal. 

Some time this week between 6-9am I'll be on SAFM Adelaide radio talking footy & comedy stories from over here in Western Canada. The interview took place last Fridee.

The results from the awesome AFL, Rd 9 of 22.
Port Adelaide  23. 8 146 def. Essendon  14.12 96 
Brisbane        23.15 153 def. Carlton     11.10 76 
Fremantle      16. 5 101 def. Melbourne   10.11 71 
West Coast    18.16 124 def. Richmond    11. 6 72 
Collingwood   22.17 149 def. St Kilda    12.12 84 
Kangaroos     12.12  84 def. Sydney       8.11 59 
Adelaide        16.13 109 def. W. Bulldogs 14. 9 93 
Geelong        16.13 109 def. Hawthorn    11. 9 75

More on my discussions with the AFL re MYKwebWORLD promoting US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy coming. 

But if you are a footy team in US, CDN or Aussie hope you can join me later this week on Total-CFLwebTV. This is the other major company that I am heavily involved with. 

This weeks 1st ever release of Total-CFLwebTV is my resume to any sports organization in the world for my web Sports Casting & marketing services. I can market your organization to the World. 

Lets hope it's US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy that I am web Sports Casting in the up coming months along with CFL & NFL. Click here" Myk Aussie

May 22, 2003 From the Kansas City Guys in the ever expanding US Aussie Rules Footy!  The MAY Tourney finish's with a bang and unexpected Grand Final showdown on Sunday!       

Denver A won Division 1, KC runners up and Milwaukee coming in third!
St. Louis won Division 2, Dallas runners up, NY third followed by DenverB 

1st Played 1st in each divy with Denver champs over St Louis Blues!
2nd played 2nd with KC champs over a tight game against Dallas Magpies 3rd Played 3rd with Milwaukee taking a thumping from New York.

Unfortunately I didn't make it to this great weekend in Kansas City. For great US Aussie Rules Footy that I web Sports Cast from Phoenix in Feb 2003
Click here " Myk Aussie

May 20, 2003, "I'm Back Big time after 2 horrid weeks of tipping in the awesome AFL! I contact Mr Wayne Jackson at the AFL! Kansas City Footy weekend report coming!

From Hi Myk, Welcome to the tipping results for round 8 of the AFL 2003 season..

YOUR TIPPING: Magnificent tipping this week Myk, you tipped 8 winners.

Essendon       15.16 106 def. Hawthorn 8. 5  53 
West Coast    18.11 119 def. Collingwood 15.13 103 
Port Adelaide 15.13 103 def. Kangaroos    7. 7  49  
Richmond      17.10 112 def. Melbourne   16. 7 103 
Brisbane       16.11 107 def. Adelaide    12.17  89 
Sydney         17.10 112 def. Geelong     11. 7  73 
Fremantle     18.15 123 def. St Kilda    11.16  82 
Carlton         15.17 107 def. W. Bulldogs 14.16 100

I contacted Mr Wayne Jackson the current Chief Executive of the AFL & former West Torrens star coach last Friday. Why ? Because at this stage from June till the start of the NFL season it looks like I will be covering the CFL instead of primarily promoting the US/CDN Aussie Rules Footy as my #1 web Sports Casting effort. 

I truly love the CFL but I believe I should be promoting the ever expanding US/CDN leagues more & more. More coming later in the week." Myk Aussie

May 15, 2003 "Business In Calgary Magazine footy article! Good luck to the US Aussie Footy teams in this weekends Kansas City Spring Classic Tourny!"

This is the best article that has ever been written about my success! Michael O'Toole the Englishman is a brilliant writer. 

I even laughed many a time reading this 3 page article that goes to 31,000 businesses in Alberta. Thank you Michael.
Click here

"Myk Aussie what are you doing wearing that Black & Silver Port power jacket ? Are you leaving the Crows & now supporting the Power?" Moose 

No way Moose but I am trying to help the US Footy the KC Power being one of the teams. Got this great jacket on me recent trip to Phoenix & LA. You are right though it does look like a Power jacket. Go Crows!

Unfortunately I won't be in Kansas City this weekend. US Footy President Mark Wheeler says there will be lots of teams there. I bet Mark is out there playing again in defense for the Kansas City Power. Good luck to all the teams competing this weekend."
Myk Aussie 

May 7, 2003 "MYKwebTV in Kansas City Promoting the US Aussie Footy is Off & I am disappointed !!!!!" Myk & Warrior legend Steve Jack interview!
TO Dingo's vs New York Magpies/Phoenix Hawks MYKwebTV! Me Rd 7 tips are up! 

If anyone reading this is interested in promoting their product or service to the Massive US, Canadian & 3rdly Australian markets, that's over 310 million people please let me know. The US Footy website in combination with MYKwebTV will give you amazing TV, radio & Internet coverage.
Ph me 403 870-5578

The great people I have met working for that magnificent logo to the left need help due to budget cuts from Australia & also a "Massive Growth" currently underway. Can you believe that "Budget Cuts but Massive Growth! Shouldn't it be the other way "Massive Growth More $$$$ their way ? 

Aussie mates the US & Canadian guys love our game & it is exploding over here in Nth America, 35+ teams in the US, 15+ in Canada! How many Footy Mad Aussies knew that, not many I bet !!!!! 

I know I can help & so does Dr Ross Smith but.....More on this at "Myk's Mates Club" where I get HARDBALL every now & then & this one has done it to me! Click here Ph me 403 870-5578 or

This weeks "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV" features me interview with legend Woodville Warrior Steve Jack along with action from Phoenix, The Toronto Dingo's vs the New York Magpies Phoenix Hawks combined team including a great interview with Edaz one of the top 3 stars of the weekend.
Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Click here Check out me AFL 2003 tips. I was kicking butt! Click here" Myk Aussie

May 5, 2003 "Yeh. Yeh, Yeh Aussie Punter Mat McBriar now with me Denver Bronco's!" Myk Aussie

"Myk Aussie Mat McBriar signed a 3-year deal with the Denver Broncos. He was a priority free agent and received offers from several teams. I met you briefly at the Hula Bowl with Mat. I represent Mat with regards to his NFL contract negotiations.

Regards, Bruce Cunningham, Denver

"Bruce I am so happy you got Mat signed with me Bronco's. I'm sure Jason Elam & the other great guys at the Broncos will look after Mat in Denver & in the awesome NFL! Mates you can check my interview with Mat the former Melbourne boy who has been punting with the Uni of Hawaii at the recent Hula Bowl Click here

Good luck at me Bronco's Mat. Mat comes from Melbourne & played Aussie Rules before joining the Uni of Hawaii. Mat I am 99.9% sure is the 1st Aussie ever to be "drafted" no "not drafted" a "priority free agent" in the NFL! I believe I have that correct as Darren Bennett came to San Diego via NFL Europe." Myk Aussie

May 3
, "Crows win in the Wayne Carey vs his "Old Mates" at the Kangaroos! Toronto Dingo's vs New York Magpies US/CDN Aussie Footy on this weeks "Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV"!Lots more Aussie Footy coming later in the week!" Myk Aussie

"Yo Myk Aussie, Last night  03/05/2003 Adelaide played the Kangaroo's at Telstra Dome (Colonial Stadium) with the Duck Wayne Carey taking on his old side for the first time. The media played it up big time with headlines like "Duck Season Open @ Telstra Dome" and all that sort of stuff. 

The King got off to a good start kicking the first goal of the match and in the second quarter things got fairly heated with both Glen Archer and Anthony Stephens having a serious go at Wayne Carey, but the duck had the last laugh with the Crows giving the Kangaroos a belting to the tune of 54 points. 

Carey kicked 4 for the Crows, with Ricciuto B.O.G. with 39 possessions. "Stiffy" Johncock also played a great game along with McLeod and Tyson Edwards. Adelaide moved into 2nd  spot on the ladder with a healthy percentage. 

Unfortunately our South Gawler Lions copped a thrashing against Willaston last week in the opening round of the BL&GF league but there's plenty of time to recover and improve" Youngy

"Thanks Youngy for the Crows & Lions report. Wow I thought for a moment the great photo of Carey below sent to me was Ricciuto in a # 2 instead of #32 jersey! For more on the Crows & some great photo's from Hambone, Total-CFL web Sports Caster read below" Myk Aussie

Pro Football Weekly: AFL and Pro Football Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Football Comedy Media Guy

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