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"Hi Guys and Cool Women welcome to me Ice Hockey webWORLD!" Myk Aussie

Pro Hockey Weekly: NHL and Pro Hockey Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy.

For the past 5 mths I have been on "SportsRage" Inet & Montreal Radio, Fri 10.30pm EST CDN/US, Sat 1.30pm EST Aussie time. We talk lots of NHL. Time may vary due to MLB Expos game. July 2011 Note now on" Myk Aussie

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April 25, 2003 "The Tampa Bay Lightening are kicking butt currently in the NHL Playoffs, they are through to Rd 2! Great time to feature Cwoc Manon Rheaume one of Mooses fav Cwoc's the Hockey star goalie. Wow !
That's unbelievable a Cwoc played a NHL exhibition game in the NHL for the Tampa Bay Lightening. Moose has been telling me "Myk Aussie you gotta get Manon on Myk's Cwoc's. She is a star & a real celebrity & beautiful" Moose I agree what a beautiful Cwoc. A fantastic effort for a lady to get so far in the rough & tough world of Ice Hockey. Check out my "Myk's Mates Club e-store for a great Manon Rheaume Tampa Bay Lightening jersey & more on Cwoc Manon Click here" Myk Aussie


24, "The Canucks win Yeh Yeh Yeh in a great game 7 to advance! Sexy Sexy Sonja's Marcus Naslund Jersey! Maple Leafs get done & there's trouble in the ranks!

"Myk Aussie tell all your mates to come see me at I have a  Canucks Special, Purchase any tanning packages over $50 & Enter to Win a Canuck Hockey Jersey/Naslund #19 at the end of the playoffs Value $200" SSSonja 

Wow I feel like rushing over to see SSSonja & this jersey. I know I need tans after being here in Western Canada most of the Winter. Go Canucks against The Wild!

Oh no The Leafs are out after again promising so much in 2003. Trouble in the camp as only a few players turn up to a function. Oiler babe is still missing, where are you sexy ???" Myk Aussie

21, "The Canucks win game 6 to level it 3-3 against The Blues! Oiler Babe where are you as the Oilers again get knocked out of The Stanley Cup race by the Dallas Stars! TO Maple Leafs win in double Overtime & survive as they were down 3-2 in the series against the Flyers ! Ottawa Senators advance to Rd 2 of the playoffs! Tampa Bay Lightening shock The Washington Capitals & advance! NHL MYKwebTV & e-store on Myk's Mates Club!  

Wow it's all NHL Hockey up here in Western Canada at the moment as 3 Canuck teams are still in the hunt for the Holy Grail of Hockey, The Stanley Cup. Me Canucks had a great 4-3 win against The Saint Louis Blues on Easter Sundee. Canuck skipper Markus Naslund scored a absolute rippa of a goal & had 2 assists. The Canucks took a 4-1 win lead but the Blues fought back with great power play goals. Canuck goalie Dan Cloutier was unreal yesterday as he saved some goals that had me heart pounding. Go Canucks!

Travis Green combines with Darcy Tucker to score a great goal for the Maple Leafs.
It's Brasheer vs Domi in the fighting department of this great series Flyers vs Maple Leafs! NHL fans you can check out me talking NHL Hockey sticking up for Donald Brasheer on TSN Off The Record on Myk's Mates Club Click here 

Oiler Babe where are you? I know it is very disappointing up there in Oiler & Eskimo land after again loosing to the Dallas Stars.  This is my opinion on the Oilers. I think they did fantastic to get so far after some very very debatable trades on trade day. I remember watching the game with you Oiler babe when your star skipper Ryan Smith came back. The Oilers seemed to go well from that day on. Where are you ? I left several messages for you after the Oilers lost. Won't be long again before your Oilers play again. Thanks for the awesome Oiler reports for MYKwebWORLD.  

Oiler Babe your mates up there listening to K-Rock radio station loved you. K-Rock was my 6th biggest referrer to MYKwebWORLD last month after your radio Oiler trade call in. Maybe a Canucks tattoo will accompany your Oiler tattoo if we win the Stanley Cup ??? Go Canucks! 

NHL fans you can check out me talking NHL Hockey on TSN Off The Record on Myk's Mates Club Click here  

To the Dallas Stars fans I have a great Mike Modano jersey added this week to "Myk's Mates Club e-store". I bet Oiler Babe feels like driving down here to me place in Jarome Iginla town to burn that jersey! 

To the recent very successful Tampa Bay Lightening fans I have a Manon Rheaume jersey as well on "Myk's Mates Club e-store " Serious! See ya in a few days as it's all Hockey!" Myk Aussie

April 16, "Oh no Shane Corson sulks & quits the Maple Leafs! Now that is absolute  MADness as the Leafs are again still in the running for the Stanley Cup! Canucks loose in game 3 & are now down 2-1 against The Blues! Oiler Babe is real happy as the Oilers win & are now up 2-1 in the series against the Dallas Stars but she's all pissed off after a Virus attacks & crashes here PC!" Myk Aussie 

April 1
4, "Canucks come back & win game 2 against The Blues 2-1! Mooses NHL Playoff report!
After hanging out in BC the past 3 weeks I was amazed how the city of Vancouver changed in a day after the Canucks were belted 6-0 in game 1. Friday was a terrible day in Van with many many fans distraught. Luckily the Canucks came back & scored a great win in game 2.

It was fun hanging out with this beautiful Vancouver Cwoc Saturday down at Kit's beach & last night as SSSonja, Steve, Cwoc Catia & me celebrated the Canucks great win at the Shark Club. The place was jammed packed but Sexy Sexy Sonja turned more heads than ever as she strolled through me fav Vancouver club. For Mooses NHL Playoff Report Click here" Myk Aussie

April 1
1, "Oh no me Canucks get hammered 6-0 against The Blues!  Cwoc Oiler Babe's is real happy as the Oiler win game one against recent playoff rivals the Dallas Stars!
For Oiler Babes great NHL Playoff report Click here 

I'm on tonight 11.30pm EST CDN & US time, Sat 2.40pm Aussie EST,  The Team Montreal SportsRage with Gabriel Morency talking Canuck NHL Hockey with all me Madness Montreal & Inet Mates. To listen Click here " Myk Aussie

April 9, 2003, "NHL Hockey playoffs have started! Dave & The Moj The Team 1040 fella's out here in Vancouver reckon Marcus Naslund is a great captain & I agree! The city is going wild in anticipation as the Canucks take on The Blues Thursday night! Oiler Babes Oilers are in & take on the Dallas Stars "Again" in the playoffs! 

Lots more NHL Hockey coming as I report Thursday night from GM Place home of the Canucks for Gabriel's SportsRage, The Team Montreal radio & Inet radio. Hope you can join me. If your on the web listen to the whole 3 hour show, It's "Sports Madness on SportsRage!" Click here

April 7, 2003, "Wow didn't Cwoc Shania Twain look amazing in the NHL Canadian outfits at last nights Juno Awards! Canucks to play the Blues after loosing on Sundee! Damn it I forgot about the day light savings time change yesterdee! So I roll up at the pub in Comox thinking I'm on time to watch the Canucks but there is only 10 minutes left. Idiot Myk. There great big NHL, CFL & NFL posters everywhere in this sports pub & lots of Canuck jerseys being worn by the patrons. I say to the manager barman "Where's your Pammy Poster ? She's a sport in many ways! Especially seeing this is her home town!" But no unfortunately no Pammy Posters. 

Good luck especially to the Canadian teams in this years playoffs & extra especially to the Canucks. Vancouver Canucks to play the St Louis Blues. Lets just hope the Canuck players are still not thinking of that magnificent Canuck dress Shania was wearing last night when they go to take on the dangerous Blues this week!

From Moose "NHL, Congratulations to Oiler babe & her beloved Edmonton Oilers...I predicted they would make the playoffs...A bad year for my number #2 team, the Carolina Hurricanes, last place... Too bad also for Wayne's Phoenix Coyotes, who just missed the playoffs.. ex-Pro QB Bernie Kosar (Miami, Dallas & Cleveland), part owner of the Arby's restaurant chain, who's Florida Panthers & partners also just missed the playoffs. And speaking of restaurants worth talking about, I got a chance to eat @ Don Shula's restaurant in the Westin Inn in downtown Indianapolis Sat. 4/5/03...Good steak, potatoes, veggies, bread
and all. Check out the '72 perfect Dolphins' coach's site @

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Pro Hockey Weekly: NHL and Pro Hockey Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy.

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