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"Hi Guys and Cool Women welcome to me Ice Hockey webWORLD ! I'm no hockey expert but I know a few great Nth American's that are. Oiler Babe is a regular on me hockey webWORLD!" Myk

Pro Hockey Weekly: NHL and Pro Hockey Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy.


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Mar 31, 2003, "Cwoc Oiler Babe is real happy as her Oilers make the NHL Playoffs!
I'm in Vancouver Canuck & Pammy territory right now with the Canuck fired up fans! The Montreal Hab's fans are pissed as they miss the playoffs! As I said on The Team Hab's Show Fridee night "Gabriel they are going wild out here as everyone believes the Canuck's are a real chance for the Stanley Cup. $500 bucks a ticket for the playoffs they reckon! The Canucks led by Marcus Naslund & Todd Bertuzzi are still in great form after some goalie worries the past week. 

No wonder you guys, The Montreal Canadians missed the playoffs you guys traded Dougie Gilmore to smelly Toronto a few weeks ago! I'm no hockey expert but this Cwoc is. Cwoc Oiler babe stared on K-Rock radio up there in Eskimoland a couple of weeks ago. Mates check out Cwoc Oiler Babes report's.
Click here" Myk Aussie

Mar 26, 2003, "Mooses Hockey report" Myk Aussie

Hockey Satellite-Stove for week of March, 26th, '03 By: Moose

The Blues, of St. Louis (Kurt Warner-Marshall Faulk-ville) really have the Blues this season...Not even Chris Osgood's play can perk then up w/ that $60M payroll bogging them down...They are currently in 4th place in the WESTERN dIV., though they have (finally) clinched a playoff spot...So far, Ottawa (cash-strapped & all!), New Jersey, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, Toronto, Dallas, Detroit, Myk's & Sexy Sexy Sonia's Vancouver Canucks, Colorado & surprising Minnesota join Saint Lugi as teams that have clinched playoff spots...Mozoltov..

Now to Moose's American Hockey League where the Norfolk Admirals have just 12 games left to nail down a
Calder Cup playoff spot...The Admirals are in 1st place in the Southern Div., which they won last yr...So far Hamilton (I look for the Bulldogs to go all the way but am hoping that my fading Admirals can win it!), Binghamton, Bridgeport, Hartford, CT (I was just there!), Providence, Manchester, Worcester, Portland, Manitoba (My beloved Moose(s)!), Houston, Chicago & the Grand Rapids Griffins (who own the 2001 Arena Bowl XV Champ Grand Rapids Rampage of arenaball!) have qualified for the playoffs for Lord Calder's mug...I look forward as do many Tidewater area folks to the American League playoffs!.. Remember kids, Don (Coaches Corner) Cherry played 10 yrs. in this league in the 1960's & '70's... " Moose

Mar 17, 2003, "Cwoc Oiler Babe's NHL report is up ! Click here" Myk Aussie

Mar 12, 2003, "Myk Aussie if they traded Darcy Tucker to the Oilers there is no way I would be cheering for him" Oiler Babe

Wow what a day it was in the NHL trades yesterdee as The Edmonton Oilers shock many while The Toronto Maple Leafs continue to spend up Big ! Last week the Leafs took on Owen Nolan.  

Nolan played for Canada in the Olympic's last year. Apparently he wanted his big pay cheque to be paid by Canadians from now so the rich Maple Leafs said OK we'll have you try & help us win that well "over due" Stanley Cup ! Owen scored 2 goals against me Canucks in his 1st game for the Leafs Saturdee night. A great effort as only a few nights earlier I saw some dirty prick from the Flames hit him, cross check from behind. Bang down he goes & Owen was carried off. 

Me mate Harvey The Hound the Flames Mascot was making sure he wasn't  mouthing off last night as "The Tongue Ripper" Oilers coach Craig MacTavish was back in Jarome Iginla town ! Poor Harvey he had his Tongue ripped right out of his mouth last time Craig & the Oilers were in town. Harvey was telling me it hurt like hell until those nice medicine injections set in. He also reckons it didn't take him long for him to be again tongue kissing & licking all his female Calgary Dog mates ! Way to go Harvey you looked great next to Jarome in the Sun newspaper yesterdee.  

I gotta be careful using that saying 'Me Mate" here in Calgary according to Joe Sports but seriously I have met Harvey & had chats several times with the "Star of Pengrowth Saddledome". Make sure to check out Sexy Oiler Babes Edmonton Oiler & NHL report.  Click here  Go Canucks ! For "Myk's HARDBALL" on this story go to "Myk's Mates Club" Click here." Myk Aussie

Mar 7, 2003, "Mates got me NHL MYKwebTV back up ! Click here " Myk Aussie

Mar 6, 2003 "Cwoc Oiler Babe is all OK after the Oilers finally have a win ! Unreal fights in the NHL as Darcy Tucker & Ty Domi get suspended for 5 & 3 games. Lots new on MYKwebWORLD. I'm heading to BC Lions, Vancouver Canuck's  & Cwoc Sexy Sexy Sonja land this week.   For Cwoc Oiler Babe's NHL report  Click here" Myk Aussie

Feb 25, ""Moose & Oiler Babe's NHL report & current best players" Myk Aussie For Moose & Oiler Babes NHL report Click here

Feb 20, "Hi Oiler Babe. Are you OK after the OT loss tonight to the Canucks ? Mates me Vancouver Canucks are on fire. ! They have won 12 games straight & are well & truly one of the very best sides in the NHL especially after beating the powerful Detroit Redwings 4-3 this week. The Canucks continued in winning form tonight with a Overtime win against the Edmonton Oilers up there in Eskimoland. Oiler Babe is not happy, 6 straight losses to her Oilers.

Timmy The Crazy Calgary Flames Streaker/Diver goes to court !

The case of Timmy The Streaker who climbed naked over the glass and fell from a insane height  onto the ice at a Calgary Flames hockey game has started its way through the courts here in Jarome Iginla town. The Crazy Calgary fella  Timmy Hurlbut, 21, is charged with interfering with public property, a subsection of the mischief charge of the Criminal Code in Dave Bronco's Calgary courts.

Crazy Timmy climbed over the glass wearing only red socks knitted by his granny at the Oct. 17 NHL game between the Flames and the Boston Bruins. Once on top of the 4-5 metre high glass wall Timmy fell & then went "Arse up on the ice, knocked himself out and was carted off on a stretcher." Play was even stopped for about six minutes while medical staff attended to the unconscious Crazy Calgary Timmy. I gotta get Timmy on MYKwebTV.

I often talk hockey rumors & tell hockey stories on Gabriel Morency's Inet & Montreal radio, Fridee nights, 10pm EST. Click here" Myk Aussie

Pro Hockey Weekly: NHL and Pro Hockey Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy.

Jan 19, Mates Cwoc Oiler Babe know her NHL real good. Thanks Oiler Babe." Myk

Subject: Edmonton Oilers Report from Cwoc Oiler Babe
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 23:08:09 -0700

"Hello Myk, I do hope you and Moose are not behaving yourselves and I hope you are having a great time at it.  Before I give you the latest report, I need some info please.  I have had alot of people asking recently about your site.  I have heard some really great comments and of course been asked about where we can get the videos.  Also, if you have some spare cards you can send to me I am positive I can get a new bunch of members recruited.   Please send me some info when you get a chance.

5 GAMES LEFT BEFORE THE ALL-STAR BREAK Well, only two games have passed since last report on Jan 14th.  January 16
we were host to Los Angeles.  Thank you to the sweetheart that gave me tickets to see this game live.  Next one is on me!!  It was a great game.  Tommy Salo recorded his fourth shutout of the year.  Shawn Horcoff had the game opener at 15:38 of the first period on a power play.  The second goal of the game came at 9:22 of the third by Ryan Smyth, his 19th goal on the year.  Final score Edm 2 LA 0.

Saturday I was a guest in the Skysuite #11 for the Nashville Predators.   This too was a great game to watch.  There were not many shots on goal by the Oilers in the first period and Nashville managed to squeak one by Markkanen at 12:39, giving the Predators the lead.  Edmonton came back in the second with two goals but could not stop Orszagh from tying the game at 18:58 of the third. Both teams looked good going into overtime, it could have been anyone's game. The pace was fast and furious however unfortunate for the Oilers, the Predators goal scored by Delmore at 3:35 of the overtime was the game winner.  Final tally Nashville 3 Edmonton 2.  Although Edmonton did not have alot of scoring chances, Ryan Smyth was definitely missed from the lineup of this game.

As it sits right now the Oil have five more games before the All-Star break. Tough Competition ahead.  The next five consist of the Flames, Red Wings, Coyotes, Wild and the Canucks.  Edmonton is currently still tied for 2nd place with Minnesota in the Northwest Division. The Canucks are still sitting on top,  five points ahead.  The key now is to clinch all we can before the break.  The injuries have definitely sidelined us a bit but we can still pull off some finesse.  GO OILERS GO!!!!

I would like to finish off today by expressing Congratulations to Edmonton Oiler defenseman Eric Brewer.   Eric was recently named to play in the 2003 NHL All-Star game on February 2nd.  This 23yr old Vernon boy was incredible in last years Olympics playing for Team Canada.  I was especially happy for him receiving a gold medal.  He had definately earned this and the Oilers organization couldn't be any prouder.  Way to go #2, in the hearts of your fans you will always be #1." 

OilerBabe XO

"Oiler Babe thanks for the report sexy. Unfortunately I am in a bit of trouble with the site at the moment. My massive MYKwebTV site will be back up in April. Until then let me know & I can get a video to the great Edmonton people that are interested. The next edit will be on DVD so any comments are welcome to make my movie a 10 out of 10. Me mate Moose has watched it 20 times, seriously it's that good. Wish me luck in LA next week as I followup on the interest from 3 movie companies. I'll take you on a nice trip when I sell myself to the movie companies. You need to email me your hot pics again as I redoe "Myk's Cwocs" See ya Sexy Oiler babe." Myk "Wgll"

Pro Hockey Weekly: NHL and Pro Hockey Video Picks with amazing coverage from Myk Aussie The Pro Sports Comedy Media Guy.

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