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Tues, Jan 20 04' "The AFL 04 season is getting close, here's Dessy "Mr Intl Aussie Rules Footy" his predictions for the 2004 season final eight!" Myk Aussie

Hey Myk "Narkle" Aussie. This is my prediction for the 2004 season final eight.

1. Collingwood. Only because they have lost previous 2  Grand Finals Will come out all guns blazing, always have dream draw,
most games in Melbourne. 

2. Port Adelaide. Anything less than a Grand Final appearance will be a wasted year. Must get monkey off their back

3. Brisbane. Can they win 4 in a row?

4. Adelaide. If they can keep everyone fit might cause concern come Sept. 
"Dessy I hope the Crow's are in the number 1 spot at the end of the season" Myk 

 5. St.Kilda. Will be the yard stick in the very near future. Lots of great young talent.

 6. Hawthorn. Have recruited well.

7. Essendon. Always around the mark

8. Fremantle. Another young side with lots of talent.

Richmond , West Coast and Sydney will be around the mark battling for the last 2 spots in the eight. Will be a long year for
Carlton, Geelong, Kangaroo's, Melbourne and Bulldogs..

Who actually wins the flag is another matter. I think it will come from the top 4.Can Collingwood make its 3rd appearance in
3 years! Will Port silence their critics! Will Brisbane make it 4 in a row! Will Wayne Carey take a overhead mark!

My prediction is (deep breathe, sweat pouring from my forehead, shaking like a recovering alcoholic).......Port Adelaide.

I know you will think this bias Myk (I support them) but if they don't stand up this year all hell will break loose down at Alberton, heads will roll and Mr Scott (Scotts transport) will be very annoyed.

 You would know what the fanatical Port supporters are like Myk "Shugs" Aussie, I can see a decline in membership and
sponsorship if they don't win it. Hate to say it but its true. This could very well be Ports most important year in the AFL.
" Dessy Haines, Mr Intl Aussie Rules Footy

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Wed, Dec 24 " Merry Merry Christmas to all Aussie Rules Footy fans!" Myk Aussie

I have a big 2004 planned. I'm heading to CFL Argo and Alouette Land and then off to Super Bowl XXXVIII. 38 is my Woodville Warriors SANFL jersey number so I better get there. I'll be promoting one of the very best games in the World, AFL Aussie Rules Footy along the way. Hope you can join me in 2004 and especially on Invest In Inet MYKwebTV! Myk's Mates Club Click here Lots more coming to MYKwebWORLD" Myk Aussie

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Sat , Dec 6 '03 "Dessy Mr Intl Football, his footy report!" Myk Aussie

"Hey Myk Narkle. Received an abusive phone call from a mate in F.N.Q  telling me to do a article on the Cairns footy league for MYKwebWORLD. He thinks they don't get enough coverage because its in rugby league territory. Anyway, I can tell you that the cellar dwellers from years ago played of in the grand final this year, South Cairns and my old side North Cairns.

Unfortunately my beloved Tigers couldn't get up on the day. It was South Cairns first flag in donkey years. They lost the 2 previous grand finals. Hopefully the coach of Nth Cairns Jason Love ex AFL, can keep the nucleus of the squad together for next year and can go all the way. Some of the stars are Tyson Lane ex AFL, Hilly,Soapy,Ehlich brothers, Piesy, Treharne etc

For South Cairns Laurie Gibson, Geoff Pemberton, Billy English dominated. Must also congratulate Centrals Trinity Beach for winning the Reserves, our old South Gawler mate Fraser Rigby could well have another reserves medal drapped around his fat head I still owe you a broken cheeckbone Fraser.

By all reports the Cairns league is going great guns, would have to be the best league outside of Brissy in Qld.

Some late news just to hand, Evanston Green def Gawler East in thriller grand final." Dessy Intl Footballer

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Mon, Dec 1 '03 "I'm back! Former AFL & SANFL Hugh Reimers! The Denver Bulldogs have taken the USAFL, United States Aussie Footy 2003 National Championships Division I title for the second consecutive year and for the third time in 4 years." Myk Aussie


Former AFL's Western Bulldogs & Central District's SANFL player Hugh Reimers was recently in Calgary at the Calgary Stampede. Hugh also from my home town of Gawler in Sth Australia played for the Willaston my Sth Gawler Lions arch rivals. A great picture here the Calgary Stampede this summer where I met up with Hugh. From left, Cwoc Fanny Anny MYKwebTV co-host, Hugh, me & Cwoc Lisa.

Division 1 Final
Denver 8-5-53 defeated Boston 1-3-9

Tournament Best and Fairest - Dave Thurmond (Orange County) & Matt Dainauski (Denver)
Grand Final MVP - Ben Harling (Denver)
Tournament Most Conistent - George Lakomy (Boston)

From Mark Wheeler, President USAFL "After only having a total of six points scored on them in three pool matches, Denver earned a convincing 8.5.53 to 1.3.9 win over the Boston Demons in the Division I Final. The Bulldogs’ Matt Dainauski shared the Tournament Best and Fairest Award with Dave Thurmond of the Orange County Bombers, while Denver’s Ben Harling earned the Grand Final MVP and George Lakomy of Boston was the Tournament’s Most Consistent player. For more on the Division I Grand Final" Mark Wheeler

Now for a report from Dessy Mr Intl Football about his time with the Denver guys. 

"Hey Myk. I was browsing your MYKwebWORLD and found out that the Denver Bulldogs won the Division One Nationals again. On my travels around North America I actually spent a weekend having some beers with these guys. The guys obviously can play the game, many ex Aussies there. They can drink just as well. Many great characters around the club, Matt "Hands" Dianauski, Rehn, Matty Richards, Roffey etc etc,.

I must say they made myself and Aaron very welcome. Was very close to playing footy with these guys in 2002.

So if anyone is after a game of footy or if any Aussies are thinking of heading over there I fully recommend you meet these guys. Good chance you will win a title. Better chance on having a bloody great time. So congratulations Rehn and co on yet another title.

 The Denver Bulldogs are Obviously the Powerhouse side along with San Diego in the United States. Would love to see Denver v Toronto Eagles of a few years back game. What a cracker jack game that would have been. Flash, Swampy one of the best players I have seen in Nth America,D.C, Pearson, Hoya,etc...against Rehn, Hands and co. Myk it would be worth paying admission money for that game" Dessy Haines

"Thanks for the great report Dessy. I better get down there & watch me Bronco's real soon & meet up with Aussie Footy guys there" Myk Aussie

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Fri, Oct 3 '03 "Barossa/Gawler update! SANFL update from BBBobby! Do you care about the growth of the best sport in the World, AFL Australian Rules Football? Please read if you do!" Myk Aussie

Hi there Myk Shugs. South had to win the last game of the year and they would have finished
second and Angaston would have missed the finals. Instead South lost and finished fifth and Angaston got in and ended up winning the flag! Willaston were 3-4 game clear on top all year and were a shoe in for the flag but got too cocky in the end.

I am going to watch my beloved Doggies this Sunday playing in their 4th Grand final in a row. We are playing Westies who have been good this year. I think we should win though but I am nervous. Centrals also play Port in the reserves grand final and should also win that. We, Centrals also won the under 19's.premiership. 

It has been a great year for the club. We are a real force to be reckoned with and will be for a long time now. I have had lots of heartaches over the years with Centrals but am enjoying some good times now. If we win it will be 3 flags in 4 years. I look forward to hearing your good news Take care" BBBBob

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