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"Hi Guys & Cool Women welcome to me Ice Hockey webWORLD ! I'm no hockey expert but I know a few great Nth American's that are. Oiler Babe & Moose are regulars on me hockey webWORLD. Go Canucks!" Myk Aussie

You can also join me & me MADNess Mates every Fridee/Saturdee on "SportsRage" The World Champs Inet & Montreal Radio, Fri 10.45am Pacific CDN/US time, Sat 5.45pm EST Aussie time. I often talk Hockey Click here " Myk Aussie

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Fri, April 23 04' "Moose's NHL & AHL Rd 2 Playoff picks!" Myk Aussie

East - Tampa Bay over Scott's Les Habs (he'll get me for this!!!), Montreal in six. Toronto over Philly in seven.

West - San Jose over the AVs (Colorado) in six. Calgary over Detroit in seven.

American Hockey League Playoffs, round two picks:

Me and Scott's Norfolk Admirals over Philly Phantoms in seven + two O.T.s Manchester over Worcester in six. Hartford over Portland in six. Hamilton over Cleveland in six. Syracuse over Rochester in five. Milwaukee (those other Admirals) over Cincinnati in six. Grand Rapids (doing much better than their Ar.Fl neighbors!) over  Chicago in seven.

Thurs, April 22 04' "Calgary Flames defeat the Vancouver Canucks in a thrilling 7 game NHL Ice Hockey playoff series! Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians advance as well!" Myk Aussie

It was a amazing 1st round playoff series between two of my favorite NHL Ice Hockey teams as the Calgary Flames superbly led by "The Best Player In the World" Jarome Iginla defeated me Vancouver Canucks in Overtime in game 7 thus winning the series 4-3. I believe the Flames can now defeat the Detroit Redwings & advance further towards the Stanley Cup. As I said last night on a call to Mark Stephen QR77 Calgary Sports talk the Canucks did well but never fully recovered from the Todd Bertuzzi suspension and subsequent Nth American especially US media Bagging.

"Dreams can come true"! I was always worried the Canucks would not win especially last Tuesday morning when I woke up. I was scared a little as I dreamt that the Flames won this years Stanley Cup and then me Canucks would be out in the 1st round of the playoffs. Dreams can come true and now I hope this dream does come true especially for the many friends I have in Southern Alberta that are Flames fans. These fans have had to put up with a very disappointing team the past 6+ years as the US teams with more $$$$ have stolen the Canadian players.

Jarome Iginla, what a pleasure it is to see this Olympic Gold Medal scoring star develop into I believe and many others do as well the best player in the NHL and thus the World. If the Flames can get some key players back from injury and stay healthy I believe they can go all the way as they also have the best goal tender in Miikka Kiprusoff. They do however now come up against the proven playoff team in the Detroit Redwings. Should be a great series starting tonight.

The Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Ottawa Senators in another great series in 7 games while the Montreal Canadians came back from a 3-1 start to defeat the Boston Bruins again in game 7. Good luck especially to the 3 remaining Canadian teams as they advance to the Stanley Cup Newcomers to NHL webWORLD Ice Hockey is the biggest game in Canada and it has pissed of many people that there is no salary cap and thus the American teams have dominated the playoffs the past 6+ years.

I'm now coming 2nd in the NHL Hockey Pools competition here at Destiny Media Technologies. One trade was allowed after Rd 1 of the playoffs so I selected Craig Conroy from the Flames. I believe Craig will feed Jarome goals and thus I will be awarded goal assist points in this great NHL Hockey Pools competition. Craig should also score himself.

Moose's and Scotty's NHL Playoff Rd 2 reports coming. Check out me drinking out of The Stanley Cup a couple of years back  Click here" Myk Aussie

Sat, April 17 04 "NHL Hockey Playoffs have been fantastic as the Battle of Western Canada continues tonight in Calgary, Flames up 3-2 over me Vancouver Canucks! Vancouver Cops to decide on Todd Bertuzzi soon" Myk Aussie

Also the Blue & White Toronto Maple Leafs defeated the Ottawa Senators to advance to 3-2 in another great battle of Canadian teams! The SportsRagers are all fired up as the Montreal Canadians come back with a big 5-1 win Thursday night against the Boston Bruins to keep their chances alive. The Bruins are up 3-2 but me new Hockey mate Chris from Destiny Media Technologies a big Canadians fan says the Canadians have played better hockey since game 2 of the series. Talking about being "soft" Alex Alexei Kovalev was a bit soft on Wednesday night in double overtime as he took a hit on the clove, started sulking & the Bruins ran away with the puck. Alex Alexei whatever I am meant to call him the big recruit at trade deadline a couple of months ago has been in fine form the past few games scoring some great & much needed goals for the Montreal Canadians, the team with the mot Stanley Cup wins ever.

As predicted
Miikka Kiprusoff has been fantastic in goals for the Calgary Flames since game 1 of the series. Jarome Iginla my favorite NHL player & the new Flames captain this season has led his team superbly & they can rap up the series in Calgary tonight at the Saddledome. I really do hope me Canucks can win tonight & force the game 7 especially seeing I am now living back in Vancouver & don't want to take a bagging from me Calgary mates including Mark Stephen on QR77 who is not doubt excited to be still talking Flames hockey this time of year nightly on his sports show.

The Vancouver Cops who I think are the Coolest Cops in the World are close to rapping up their investigation into the Todd Bertuzzi "king hit from behind" case involving Steve Moore from the Colorado Avalanche. Wil it go to court, we will have to wait & see. Hope not!

I'm doing well in my 1st ever Hockey Pools here at Destiny Media Technologies. I'm currently coming 3rd out of 10 Mad hockey players with 28 points behind Chris 2nd place & soon to be married Mike in 1st place. Have a read below for the players I picked in this great Hockey Pools concept. I'm sure you can find all the NHL playoff scores somewhere, that's not what I am here for.

Where is Oiler Babe? She must be still sulking after her Oilers were the only Canadian team to miss the playoffs. Are you a MAD hockey fan? Do you want to write NHL Playoff reports for MYKwebWORLD? Let me know, good knowledge & some comedy is all that is required. Email me at Good luck especially to the Canucks & the Montreal Canadians tonight" Myk Aussie

Wed, April 7 04 "NHL Hockey Playoffs start tonight! Vancouver Canucks vs Calgary Flames should be a rippa of a series!" Myk Aussie

I had fun last night on the radio stirring up Mark Sport Stephen & Brucey Boatman Barker on QR77 Calgary's Sports Talk radio.

My call started with Berk BBBBBerk BBBBBBerk, Mark there's 19 million Chicken's about to be slaughtered out here in Vancouver but this time next week there will be Flame Broiled Chicken available everywhere as the Calgary Flames will be the Chickens after a series win by the Vancouver Canucks. But the Big Battle of the Western Canadian teams will be exciting & possibly come down to the goaltending as Miikka Hakkinen Kipru Cloutier Soft. Oh no I'm getting all mixed up here it's Miikka Kiprusoff the star goalie for the Flames. Miikka has definitely not been "Soft" is up against Dan Cloutier "Soft".

Lets hope Dan Cloutier can recover from past Soft playoff efforts & be strong in goals for the Canucks. Canucks to win in 5 or 6.

MADNess the SportsRage Cage Call Champ is going for the Flames & so is the host Gabriel Morency. MADNess is like others worried about Cloutier in goals.

I'm in my 1st ever Hockey Playoff Pools here at Destiny Media Technologies. It was a very interesting lunchtime as 10 of us had to take it in turns & select 10 players each, 1 goalie & 2 defensemen a must. NHL experts let me know how you think I went with these selections to be eligible to win a Total-CFLe-Store prize

N Khabibu  Lightening Goalie, B Morrison Canucks, E Jovanowski Canucks Defenseman, M Modano Stars, G Sanderson Van, B Marshant Leafs Defenseman, M Ryder CDN's, J Iginla Flames, M Handuz Flyers, B Richards Lightening " Myk

Fri April 2 04' "NHL & AHL Playoffs are coming real soon!" Moose

Teams that have clinched for the 2004 NHL PLayoffs so far are:



New Jersey




Manon Rheaume's Tampa Bay Lighting, who going all the way!







San Jose
Dallas (who will lose in six to Tampa! in the Stanley Cup!)

Good luck to all in the NHL Playoffs. I will have a more detailed breakdown of the matchups next week in Salzer's Sports Report.

AHL Playoffs

(My Norfolk Admirals better put the pedal to the medal!)
Hamilton (of course!)
Grand Rapids,

Wed Mar 30 04' "We are Back! The Vancouver Canucks finally hit form again. Todd's non mate Steve Moore from the Avalanche on TV last night in his Todd Bertuzzi Neck Brace!" Myk Aussie

Seems Steve may sue Todd & Cops still may be involved after listening to him on TV last night. It was Steve's 1st media appearance since being king hit from behind by Todd, who is/was one of my favorite NHL players. 

Todd doesn't know what to do with himself of late! Other than playing golf most days & belting his flower plants with his #1 Wood to get rid of his frustrations. Wish he was playing for the Canucks but I suppose he's gotta do his time.

Where is Oiler Babe? She's gone missing again. Kinda weird seeing the Oilers are a chance for playoffs after a great last 4+ weeks. Bad loss tonight though.

Hockey Nuts wanna Help????? Anyone out there wanna send me a good NHL Playoff preview report? Must be informative & comedy always welcome. Join MYKwebWORLD as a web Sports Caster. MYKwebWORLD is Big Big Big & getting Bigger" Myk Aussie

Thurs Mar 11 04' ""NHL Vancouver Canuck Super Star Todd Bertuzzi suspended for the rest of the season & longer ????" Myk

I'm still in Vancouver but this great NHL city will never be the same. The hype of the Canucks over the past 2 years has been at a all time high.

Not now! It was a Bad come from behind hit by Bertuzzi no doubt about that, re Mar 10 report below. It was kinda weird today seeing a big tough guy who is & still will be one of my favorite players cry on TV.

The last big story like this in NHL was the Marty McSorley hit from behind on Canucks Donald Brashear. The day that I was on TSN's Off The Record was the day that Marty was convicted in Court & charged for assault, thus the hot topic of the day on Mike Landsberg's show. Will the courts be involved on this latest NHL fight ? Check out the TSN Show talking NHL Hockey Click here " Myk Aussie

Wed Mar 10 04' "Re Or Re Or Re Or! Oh no the cops are involved as one of my very favorite NHL players is in big trouble. Todd Bertuzzi retaliates on a Marcus Naslund hit & goes after Moore. Steve Moore from the Colorado Avalanche is still in Vancouver Hospital with broken bones in his neck while Todd has been suspeneded by the NHL. Wish I could see it on webTV somewhere! Timmy the champ barman in Kelowna gets wild at me for talking while the Oilers are playing!" Myk Aussie

The sports stations North America wide are talking/arguing bigtime about Todd & my favourite NHL team at the moment as Todd Bertuzzi the Super Star Vancouver Canuck forward seems to be in big trouble after breaking Steve's neck. Steve Moore with two broken bones in his neck is expected to leave Vancouver Hospital tomorrow four days after Todd hammers him in retaliation to a hit on Super Star Canuck Captain Marus Naslund. 6.00am Pacific Time tomorrow we will all find out if Todd will be back for the playoffs or whether the NHL will suspend him for the year & maybe longer.

Many big dangerous hits occur in this rough tough game that millions of Canadians love with a passion. But on this ocasion the police could be involved.

I was heading to Stampeder Land yesterday, got a 1/3 of the way there to Kelowna but then had to head back to Vancouver today so I haven't seen the big hit on TV yet. Why can't I see it on PC TV. Damn it I produce tonnes of PC TV then I want to see something & I can't easily. Suppose it's a good thing that want you to login to watch as that's what I want also you guys to do, email me for a Myk's Mates Club trial for lots of my MYKwebTV.

Whatever happens to Todd it will never be the same in Vancouver again. The City has been on a alltime high the past 1-2 years with the Canucks going so well, Todd being the equal number 1 star. Sad few days for Vancouver & the NHL. Lucky we got the CFL BC Lions on the way up.

The last big story like this in NHL was the Marty McSorley hit from behind on Canucks Donald Brashear. The day that I was on TSN's Off The Record was the day that Marty was convicted in Court & charged for assault, thus the hot topic of the day on Mike Landsberg's show. Will the courts be involved on this latest NHL fight ? I will re release MYKwebTV of me on TSN Off The Record talking NHL later this week.

I can't believe I haven't seen the big hit yet on TV but I did get to watch the Edmonton Oilers take on the Calgary Flames last night watching from Roses Bar in Kelowna. Timmy me mate is typial of milions of Canadians, I couldn't even talk to him while the hockey was on. Timmy did get wild at me when I mentioned the Oilers are currently the worst Canadian team. I did however yell out load in the best Cwoc Hunting bar in Canada as the Rogers Sportsnet commentator says sarcastically during a fight "......& Jarome Iginla is "trying" to get in there". You idiot commentator champ Jarome was one of the first in there. Jerk! Jarome is a champ Calgary Flame player & a fighter as well when he needs to be. It's all happening in NHL as we approach the playoffs. Every Canadian team has a chance for the playoffs which is great. Where is Oiler babe? " Myk Aussie

Fri Mar 5 04' "Alex Kovalev signs with the Montreal Canadians but is injured in his 1st game!" Myk Aussie

The SportsRagers have been again all fired up all week especially with the great signing of Alex Kovalev to the Montreal Canadians. But Alex separates his shoulder in his first game & SportsRagers are saying he is a bit soft. Either way it is a big signing by the all time leading Stanley Cup winners the Montreal Canadians.

Gabriel Morency the host of the best Sports MADNess Radio show in the World features on many of my Super Bowl 38 MYKwebTV shows. Email me for a Myk's Mates Club trial or check out  some of them right now at the bottom of this page Click here  " Myk Aussie

Sat Feb 28 04' "I chat to Henrik Sedin the Canuck NHLer!" Myk Aussie

It's great to be back in Canuck & BC Lion Land this week. The Canucks were on a 5 out of 6 game loosing streak until this week but then Daniel Sedin stars with 4 goals against the Detroit Red Wings & then the Canucks win in Overtime against the San Jose Sharks. 

After the win against the Sharks I spotted the Sedin twins & Mattias Ohlund on Granville Street outside a popular nighclub. So I went up to Daniel & congratulated him on a great game but Oh no I got it wrong it was Henrik. "Gabriel Morency you Sports radio star you know I'm doing great here in Nth America with my sports coverage but I felt bad Thursday night as I got Henrik & Daniel mixed up. Gabriel I feel bad about that or am I being to hard on myself?"  "No Myk Aussie I can understand how you couldn't tell between the Twins" Gabriel Morency. This was some of my NHL Hockey talk on SportsRage Montreal & Internet radio last night. 

I stated on SportsRage that the Canucks could be the team to bring the Stanley Cup home to Canada in 04, let's hope so. Where is Oiler Babe, she's gone missing again as the Oilers struggle this NHL season." Myk Aussie

Fri, Jan 22 NHL Hockey MYKwebTV on this weeks Myk's Mates Club MYKwebTV! " Myk Aussie

2 mins - Especially for Cwoc Oiler Babe, a tour of Wayne Gretzky's restaurant in Toronto. Includes his trophy's & memorabilia. Wayne is rated by many as the Best ever NHL Hockey Player. Invest In Inet MYKwebTV !
Myk's Mates Club Click here 

Good luck to all the Canadian teams as we count down to the NHL Playoffs, possibly the last as we know it! " Myk Aussie

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